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Hello all! I posted a question earlier and now I will introduce myself. My cat is Simon and he is 10 months old. I got him in May after my boss found him in the road as an 8 week old kitten how had just been hit by a car. She already had several animals and was expecting a baby so I nursed him back to health. He is the sweetest cat I have ever seen- he is extremely loving and is not afraid of anyone. He must be with people when they are home. I have a teacup poodle that he loves to play with. It's truly amazing how well they get along. Thanks for everyones answers to the TP issue- he has plenty of toys but I think it's a lost cause. Hope to talk to everyone soon. Mandy
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Hi! I'm so glad you took in Simon, he sounds like a sweetheart, poor thing! We love seeing pictures if you have any!

Glad you're here!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Simon and Mandy!So glad you've joined us and really look forward to getting to know you better!I'm sure you and Simon have enriched eachother's lives so much! He's such a silly boy with his TP! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you explore our site, please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi Simon and Mandy Welcome to TCS!! Zeus loves TP as well but as he has to live with his Dad until i sort out the Body Corporate issues i have at my building i don't get to see him much at the moment

Good luck with your TP issue and hope you like TCS as much as i do!
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what a wonderful person you are to save Simon and nurse him back to health I bet the 2 of you are going to have a very special bond

yes yes we love photos

I had to have a chuckle about the TP issues you are having - so many times i have come home and forgotton to close the bathroom door and have discovered shredded TP everywhere thankfully it doesnt happen all that often here so I can laugh about it - good luck with getting it sorted out - I will check your other post out shortly

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

Do you know México? can you speak spanish?
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hi Mandy!

What country are you located? Welcome to you and Simon.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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A belated, but hearty "welcome"! My kitty Miles doesn't bother the TP, but does love to shred anything else I leave on the floor.....I've gotten much neater ! I'd love to see a picture of your little poodle & Simon playing together- that has to be the cutest thing!!!
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