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Sunday Daily Thread

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Fall is in the air!

The leaves are turning and the air is crispy this morning!
The muted shades of red and yellow and orange are just coming alive with the sun overtaking the mountain.
The breeze is reminding me of what is around the corner - that being dreaded old
winter......bbbrrrbbbrrrbbbrrr The wind is churning the leaves already fallen on the ground. What a glorious day to hang out rugs and blankets. Nothing like that fresh air smell when crawling into bed.
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All I can say is you are a nut...LOL. Yes, the trees are beautiful and the air is crisp, but it's a definate sign that winter is coming. I was out until 10 last night and I froze my toosh off. Last night I had to get my winter jammies out...LOL.
I had planned to wash my car today (it is a wreck from the trip) and I think I am going to wait. It is only supposed to be in the 50's today. I am afraid I will freeze to death with the water out there. I should check the forecast and see if I can do it tomorrow. At this rate, I will be lucky to get dressed in the next hour or so. We are lucky enough to have Monday off, so it's not a typical Sunday.
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Hi Everyone!

It's a beautiful fall day out and pretty cool. MooShoo wants to go out but I'm afraid it might be too much for him.

Welcome back Sandie and Ken. Hope you did well at the show. Will call you once I get offline.

Have a great day!


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Yes, we're holding steady at a brisk 83 degrees down here in Florida.

My lawn only needs mowing once a week.

I'm already knitting a sweater, in case we drop below 80.

It's that time of year when we can back down on the sunscreen to an SPF of 8 or less.

The lovebugs are swarming, and the fronts of cars are dotted with them.

Ah, the change of seasons in Florida!

(Somebody remind me why I left the northeast again). Hmm.

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Deb 25 - you big bum!!! hehehehe
We don't need shades all year? Is that a plus?
Oh let's see....the bliss of shoveling 4 feet of snow - unless you live in Buffalo and then that is a mere dusting.
And let's not forgert - making all those fuel compalnies rich beyond belief. They can go to Florida in the winter!!
I am sure there is more.......but - I need to go and rake the leaves! (then find the snow shovel.........)
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Oh! I wish it were cold here!

Actually fall is slowly coming over. It is slightly cooler in the evenings. No need for long sleeves yet, but you can be comfortable outside without the airconditioner... Only in the evenings mind you!

I love winter! Of course, it's not that cold here. It almost never snows at winter (last time it snowed here was in 1951). But there are lovely storms - no hurricanes or tornados, just rain and winds...

Hubby just came back from his daily jog and we're settling in for a nice evening in front of the TV. I bet we'll be watching the news all evening to see what's going on in Afghanistan.

Tomorow is the eve of Simhat Tora - the last in the chain of holidays for this season. Last week it was Sukot, when people build kind of temporary light structures outside with walls made of wooden polls and coveres in cloth and the roof made of tree branches. As for Simhat Torah - the Torah (the first third of the old testament) is read in synagouges throughout the year. Each week they read part of it and it goes like this for a whole year. Simhat Tora is the celebration of finishing the yearly cycle of reading and beginning reading it anew.

We're secular so for us it's basically another day off work for hubby Tomorow we're going to a specialist to have an extensive ultra sound. I hope we get another video tape to show the grannies!
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I'll trade washing your car if you will come over and wash my horse's sheath which is what I did today. One of the not so fun parts of having a gelding! lol Those of you who know what I am talking about can sympathize and those that don't- well count yourselves lucky!

Today I managed to get the property all squared away in preparation for the winter. It has been windy and cold all day and rain is predicted for the next three days. I love standing underneath the tall trees during high winds, I love the sounds the wind makes in the branches. Hooked up the heater for the horse trough, and fixed the fence where it was down, pulled up a ton of blackberry bushes and stacked the bank of the creek with the rocks that had fallen off last year. The highlight of my day was finding the kitty that had been lost.
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