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Why Why Why Why Why Why????

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Did I say WHY??? Shall I throw a ME on to the end of the questioN?

Okay, we all know about the downtime, and the loss of 6 months of TCS history. Well, shortly after, my hubby got me an 80gig hard drive, well... while installing the new drive, somehow my 40gig got whiped clean. Loosing... EVERYTHING. Well, I was happy, and had some pictures of my kittens at this place called MyFileBucket (I DO NOT RECCOMEND THEM TO ANYONE). Well, I went to retrieve them, and my account is missing.

This is what it said on the site:

Some accounts were lost (12/31/04 08:00PM)
We had a user who brute force attacked our login to the admin. As such, a few accounts were deleted and unfortunately were not backed up. All actions were logged and reports have been made to the appropriate contacts. We apologize for any inconvenience.

myFileBucket Staff

Okay, so I lost THOSE pictures too, wich explains why so many of my pics have gone MIA suddenly. As if that was enough for me today...

I went to The Sims 2.com... UGH. They are telling me that I have to register my game. I DID!!! I was at my account there last night. DOwnloading stuff for my game, and NOW I cannot get in because my game is not registerd.

well... I figured I would re register, and things would work... NO SUCH LUCK For me. (ROLLING MY EYES AGAIN!) IT said I could NOT register that game because it was registered already.. DUH!! TO ME!!! So now I suppose I have to go out and pay another $50 to get another copy of sims2 so that I can get the stuff I am entitled to. NOT FAIR.

I hate computers, and the net right now
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Aww! That's harsh... sorry!

Regarding Sims2... I don't know how it works but maybe there's some customer service that could help you out?
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you dont go out to pay another 50....
you email the site and tell them the problem.
I have been lurking at those sims games at the stores id love to get one but i dont have the money to do so.

My bf created a d hard drive for my computer so all of my files are on there. I dont know how he did it. before i just used to save all of my files onto a cd or floppy disk.

Im so sorry that you had to lose everything
computers sure do suck!
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I guess now is a good time to offer up one of my favourite quotes:
"To err is human, but to really foul things up takes a computer"

Good luck in getting everything sorted out. Wait a day and check your Sims site again - you may find everything is resolved tomorrow. I have had similar things happen and sometimes a day makes a difference - don't ask me why, but it does:-).

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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Aww! That's harsh... sorry!

Regarding Sims2... I don't know how it works but maybe there's some customer service that could help you out?
That is the part that really got on my nerves. I searched the site for help. Searched and searched. I did finally find a place that said 'how to product register your game' so I went there... The page was blank.

SO I emailed them two emails. This has happened to me before, with The Sims(the original sims). All I did then was to product register one of the expansions... since I had them all plus two copies of two, and thre coppies of one. I had a bunch of different codes from the games that I could put in, and that did work. Sims 2 has no expansions out yet, they are currently working on the first one. So much for surfing that site and downloading stuff I know is safe. Stuff I can trust, since so many evil people out there feel the need to include viruses and worms with downloads for games.

I am waiting to hear back from EA.com. Sims is a Maxis game, and Maxis is owned by EA. I have so many accounts through EA it isn't funny, but the ONE account I want to access is the one that is giving me problems... that just figures.

At least my bad days are so few and far between, and the negatives I have to endure are petty, especially compaired to a lot of what y'all have to go through, but geeeeze how frusterating.
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I too hate PC's. I've lost a hard drive before. NO fun.
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Yeah, that was my second 40 gig to be whiped. The first one was a hardware problem inside the drive. I had a choice, wait and see if I could get the data recovered, but with it being a physical problem with the drive it might not have worked. OR send it back and get a new one. We had one month to make the decision before my warentee was up, so we opted to get a replacement. Sent them the old drive, and the sent us a new one. On that one I lost pictures of my mom's burrial... one thing that I will NEVER get again, as well as other pictures of my family and such.

This 40gig is just as it was when it happened. I've got a wonderful friend who offered to try to recover the data for me, I am just waiting for him to contact me so I can send it. He's rebuilding himself a com this month, and might not be online for a little while (I assume since I haven't heard from him) It's boxed up in the box that my 80gig came in, waiting to be shiped, Packaged exactly the way the 80gig was when we opened it. I hope he can recover my data.

Well, I just checked my email and it said they fixed it, so I went to the sims2 site, and I got in, NO PROBLEM... I hope they didn't take offense to the mean things I said in the two emails I sent ugh... I lost my temper BUt hey, I have my sims back.

If only I could get such a response from MyFileBucket (I DO NOT RECCOMEND THEM TO ANYONE).

I did end up paying the $25 for a year subscription to Photobucket. A CHristmas gift... I am glad that I did. Photobucket has its problems, but for the most part they've been great to me. Even though I had about 10 times the ammount allowed for a free account, they still hosted my images, and everything. That was why I paid. Now I have NO limitations on bandwidth or the ammount of pics I can put into my account. Not only that but I can put larger pics on there now, not that I will, I try to keep them all about 500 pixels wide. I do recocmend Photobucket to people though. If you wanna host A LOT of pics, it's worth the money, IMO. After I get more pics in, and my subscription runs out next December, I can decide if I still want it or not. I went with the year subscription over the three months or what ever it is they offer.

Thankyou all.....
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