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Cat-themed clothing & accessories

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Let me state right off so there is no misunderstanding:

All the clothing I am showing has been sold. I am not taking special orders.

As a few of you knew, I sold my original design patchwork clothing and bags on eBay for the past three years. I quit doing so in June, and am planning to take a year or two off (at least) to make things for myself, relatives and to do my charity work. Maybe I will do something for sale again someday and maybe never.

During the past few years I have done several things with a cat theme, but never enough to warrant advertising on this site. Now that I'm no longer selling, though, I thought it might be fun to put together those things which did have a cat theme and share. Perhaps it will give those of you who sew ideas for doing things for yourself.

So here is my mini fashion show:

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those are beautiful great work
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Those are SO gorgeous!!
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You are SOOO talented!!
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they do look very lovely
I wanted to do something like that with ebay but i still havent gotten around to my little project that i had wanted to start since.... march or may 2004.
I wanted my own domain like
and have my own brand name but it involves so much money and time that i dont have just yet!
maybe one day
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Very nice!
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Those are great!!! Very nice work!!!
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The intertwined tails are lovely.
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Your things are gorgeous! I wish I would've seen them when they were available!!
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Lovely...if you are interested in a shop that I am pretty sure would be interested in some of this, in Sumner, please pm me. My former boss I believe lost her source for wonderful cat fabric dresses etc., and your work would be purfect for her shop.

ps I know you aren't doing this currently, but when you do again, I'd love for you to have this contact.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep that in mind if I ever get back into it again. In all reality, it will probably be at least summer 2006 before I even give it consideration. Here I've been away from selling for almost seven months and I haven't even begun to make a dent in the personal projects I had in mind getting done. Like making the quilt I had promised my husband's grandson I'd make for him as a wedding gift if he ever got married. (Oops! He was married January 2003 and I haven't even started it yet!)
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Wow there wounderful you are very talented I can't sew for penuts
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I forgot all about the little apron tops I had made which also had a cat theme. They are simple little things, but I"ll add them anyway. Also, I know I have one more pieced item I'd like to show. Unfortunately, that digital photo must be a casualty of when my computer died a few months back. If I ever get my new scanner set up and working, I'll scan the print I have and add it later.

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That stuff is absolutely gorgeous! It must have been a tremendous amount of work. My sewing skills are limited to making curtains, so I'm really in awe.
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Congrats, what a great work!!!!
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Beautiful work alright!
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