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Your childhood photos with pets

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Miss "Hissy" started this thread before the crash. I hoped that we could bring it back to life and have a few more submissions this time, but I realize that many of you don't have scanners. I hope Sam sees this. She has a pic of her and a cat that's as big as she was! "Hissy" also has some lovely photos of her and her childhood cats.

Sorry these are not real clear, but they were seriously only about one inch tall and my Mom chopped them up to put in a collage.

Me with my cat Julie

Me and my kitten Pokey (Julie's son)

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awww nice pics. i dont have any pics to go in this thread right now because all those type of pictures are in my mothers albums, and we dont have a scanner
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Bummer I was afraid that would be the case for many.
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I started a thread like this before the crash, and it's gone now. I will find the pic of me with my mom's cat Samantha. I was born when my mom had her, and she had kittens after I was born. I was one of her kittens. She took such good care of me. I will hunt it down so I can add. There were a few other people who posted childhood pics of themselves in my thread before, I hope some of those TCS members are still around and will repost them.
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That would be great, Tia!
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I think I was almost a year old in this pic. The cat's name is Samantha. She was my mamacat who always fed me dead spiders, mice, birds, bugs, etc. She was also my teacher. I learned to crawl from her, although I couldnot understand why my hind end was so high up compaired to her. I didn't realize I was supposed to use my knees rather then my feet... She didn't explain we weren't the same...
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Aw.... That is precious
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not sure if it will work, or how long. I thought about taking a print screen, but not sure if others would appreciate a stranger posting their pics... It would be more like a recap, but still not sure...

I thought I had more replies, but this 'snapshot' might have been taken while the thread was still really new?

Looking at my pic of me N Sam... I might have been over a year almost 2? I'm not sure, and everyone who could tell me is gone
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Adorable! I love the ones where the cats are as big as the child, too!

Here's Pandora, probably taken when I was about 8 or 9? She was a big girl, a slim 13 pounds. She was mostly blind from kittenhood, but she lived happily indoors until the age of 16. She was the sweetest, lovingest girl...I still miss her. She used to sleep wrapped around my head at night, purring, while I dreamed of motorcycles.
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You were so cute and so was that cat!
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Here is one-

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Oh, wow Now that's a big cat and a cute pic, MA

Thanks Chris
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I never noticed how large that cat was the last time you posted, MA It is one big kitty!
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here is mine!
i was 11 or 12.

That little one is sneaky. she couldnt sleep in a ball anymore and she relied on me to sleep. we raced to the toilet every morning, and once she beat me and decided to use the toilet, she gave me a weird look but i did not use the litter box! i just went downstairs to the other toilet she was sick but she lived for 2 years. i still sometimes cry over her she was my bestest friend.
i remember going to school and i couldnt stop crying.
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hmm well the pic is very big but i have no idea how to reduce it
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Hi Chris!

Thanks for thinking of me. I do indeed have some pics to share! And tomorrow is going to be a quiet day so I might get around to scanning some more pics.

First up is me at about 2 years old with my Nanas blue exotic, Impy.

Now here I am at eight years old with my black exotic, Porty.

And this photo was taken in September 2004 [I'm 14] in Australia with a cat we bred and sold there. His name is Soda and he's a Red Shaded Cameo Persian male.

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Fran - that picture of your RB baby is precious. I bet she was a lovely girl.

Sam- Thank you for posting that again. I just love that first pic, but I'm chuckling now because in that third pic that kitty looks almost as big as you now!
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This is great!

Sam, you looked so cute with Impy in the first photo! You look even better now that you're no longer his size!
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Thanks Chris and Jenny!

Yip Chris although you want see me that skinny now. I had to put on 5 kg, still working on it, it just wasn't a healthy weight - I went from one extreme to the other.
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i never had any pets when i was young. You guys are so lucky!!! Lovely pictures....every one of them.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Hi Chis, Nice thread!!! , I´ll participate later, ´cause it took me a little bit of time search my old pic´s and scan it!

Sam you looks terrific here on this pic! ...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Hi Chis, Nice thread!!! , I´ll participate later, ´cause it took me a little bit of time search my old pic´s and scan it!

Sam you looks terrific here on this pic! ...
Oh thank you Rigel!
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Here I am with Smokey. Boy what I wouldn't give for that naturally blond hair I was born with!

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That's a great picture MA!
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Oh yes, doesn't Smokey look overjoyed to be held captive?
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Smokey does look a tad bit grouchy The little sunshine-haired girl looks happy, though!
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Of course I am happy, I was next to a cat-
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Gorgeous pic MA!
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Beautiful pictures!!! I am so jealous I never was allowed to have pets when I was little
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Great pics everyone!

This is me and Sugar. She was a Maine Coon mix/polydactyl.
Poor thing had diabetes.

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