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Todays radio question: 01/04/05

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Do you wear glasses/contacts?
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Both! Contacts during the day, glasses in the evening/on weekends, and that for over 30 years.
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i have to wear glasses but i dont like it!!
it gives me headaches so i rather use contacts but my optometrists wont let me yet.
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Yes. Most of the time I wear glasses, but I wear contacts when I go to the gym (don't like my glasses sliding down my sweaty nose ) and when I'm going out and want to fix myself up.
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Nope... only one in my family who doesn't have to (but that means I probably will have to as I get older).

As a side note, I always WISHED I could wear glasses - thought it'd make me look smart.
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Since I was 12. But I have never had any interest in contacts -- just not interested in putting something in my eye, thanks
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I wear both glasses and contacts...only not at the same time. I wear my glasses most of the time but have contacts around for special ocassions and when I work out.
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Glasses for reading a book or magazine because my arms were not long enough anymore!
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Have worn glasses since I was 9, tried contacts as a teen, but have such terribly dry eyes that I can't. Have had a bifocal prescription since I was 22!
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Yes, contacts most of the time. They're more comfortable than glasses for me, and they don't get all smudgy. I wear glasses at home when I'm feeling lazy, like today. I didn't feel like goint to the effort of contacts today. I'm still in my pjs, too.
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Both. I wear contacts 95% of the time. I have to go back and get an eye exam. I can hardly see out of my glasses. They always make my contacts stronger then my glasses.
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Only reading glasses or when I'm sitting in front of the computer to long. That doesn't happend very often tho...yeah right!
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no i dont wear either
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neither....need to go to the eye doctor soon
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Glasses. Contacts won't work for me. I'm farsighted, and only need them for reading. My entire day almost is reading, from computer screens, at home and work, as well as gameboy... books, etc. I am a reader, so I just wear them all the time.

I got them about 9 months ago, and I love them. No headaches like I was having. It's wonderful. So for Christmas, hubby and I shelled out almost $150 to give my lilbro the gift of sight as well. He's near sighted, so his glasses are priceless. He now can see my computer screen from across the room. He can also sit in a chair that isn't touching the entertainment center to see the tv. I kept telling him his eyes were gunna get worse sitting that close

Yeah, I started wearing specs when I was in 8th grade, about 13 yrs old. I stopped wearing them just after I met my hubby 7yrs ago. I now keep a very close eye on them, and keep them safe.

Lilbro same thing, he wore glasses for a while, then lost them. Well... he went about 4 or 5 years without, and now he cherishes his. Neither one of us care what we look like with them like we did... We know what it's like NOT to see, and to suffer without them. I'm glad to have them.
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Without my eyeglasses I am legally blind! I've been wearing them since... 8 years of age. I can't even recognize a stop sign without them.
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Since my LASIK surgery, just reading glasses.
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both since I was 15.
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I'm extremely nearsighted and have had eyeglasses since first grade - some 40 years ago. Tried contacts but they were the old fashioned rigid type and I couldn't keep them in my eyes. Ouch. Went into bifocals in 2003.
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I wore contacts longer than I care to remember, but now my 20/400 vision has become 20/15 vision with the miracle of LASIK!
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I don't wear either - I love trying on glasses at the shops because oh I look so much smarter!
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I have both.. but, i'd rather wear my glasses...
i got my glasses in, 5th grade..

i am nearsighted in one eye.. and farsighted in the other.. ima weirdo!
my eye guy.. lol, said that i should have a lazy eye w/ being both.. but i dont.. he said that i am a lucky one
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