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I have Abysinnian kittens

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I know I have been off the site for awhile but between fun in Florida, placing almost all of our foster cats and having my very first Abysinnian litter, I have been busy! But during all the sad times in the last month, my husband and I had such a happy day when we came back from vacation and learned Honey had had her kittens! She had three and, sadly, we did lose one within the first twenty four hours. But on the positive side, she has two fat, furry, wiggly miniature Abysinnian babies. She is very protective so we can't take pictures yet, but when I can, I promise to post them.
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Congratulations and extra loving to Honey (when she's ready for it).

Sweet fuzzy purrballs!
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Can't wait to see them! Congratulations! Now can we name one of them Joanie????? Please???

Happy Birthday Babies!


Auntie Donna

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I am so excited for both Rene and Clint and I knew about them before this board but didn't want to take the excitment away from Rene's announcement. Although Rene, Clint, my husband and myself co-own both mom and dad, this is Rene's and Clint's litter. They are going to keep the dad, Merlot, unaltered until my female can get to their house in December for his last harrah at which point he will be neutered. I can't wait to finally get to see these babies as I know they've been wanting this litter for a long time. These kittens will be brought up very, very spoiled. The mom is the daughter to one of my females who just had her own litter 2 weeks ago and from what I understand, Honey is as good a mommy as her mom, Pepper. One of the kittens will stay with Rene who needs to grand it in our association to become a Judge and the other is going to be a present to her daughter who has been wanting an aby for a long time. Anyway, congrats and lots of hugs and kisses to both Merlot (the brat), Honey and the babies.

Auntie Frannie
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Rene - this is wonderful news. Congratulations! ( baby bunnies for the babies!)
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! :rainbow:
I am so happy for you! I hope your daughter loves her new baby!
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Thanks everyone - we are cautiously optimistic about these two babies because they are so fat and healthy - we don't want to upset Honey right now so we are just petting her and telling her how beautiful her babies are. I am not sure if I have two boys or one of each because we were too upset when we took the kitten we lost to the vet to find out if it was a male or female. If we have a female she will not be named Joannie (sorry Donna) but her name will be Pentaclecats En Vogue, in honor and in memory of our very first Aby cross Vogue who we loved with all our heart. We would like her name to live on. If they are males, well, we will just have to see as for the most part our theme is witches, vampires, gods, goddesses and celtic names.
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baby pics
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baby pic
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Sandie thanks for posting and Rene thanks for not telling me that they were going to be posted (mad face, only kidding). Anyway, looks like the are both red, especially the top one in the first picture. Look at the paw pads and let me know what color they are. They are so sweet. What a nice surprice to see my grandchildren.

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Now looking at the second picture, it looks like one red and one ruddy.

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Dear Rene :angel2:

Congratulations...the kittens are gorgeous! How sweet
I don't know much about the Abysinnian breed, but do they normally have a litter of three or less? These are miniature babies? Like I said...I don't know much about them, all I do know is that they're so sleek and stunnng...Best Wishes


PS...saw your tat!! Awesome girl!
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Abys do usually have small litters - these two right now are fat healthy babies and their eyes opened today! I think one is a ruddy and one a red and Honey is finally letting me handle them so I will check if I have two boys or one of each in the next few days. Frannie - I wanted the pics to be a surprise and they were! Thanks Sandie for posting all my pics!
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Congrats on the beautiful little babies!!!
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Those pictures are so cute!! Please keep updating them. I never got to see my Aby when he was little, since I bought him when he was 5 months old.
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I got Merlot from Frannie when he was about six months old and Honey when she was about a year old they were wonderful then but it is neat seeing them this little - I will update pictures, I promise!
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