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need to vent - bit upset and its long.... apologies

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You all know that I have been off work since Nov due to intense headaches. Well I got an interview whilst off and the day before the interview, I called the agency and advised them that I was not in work at the moment and was this going to be a problem? The woman I spoke to pretty much laughed at me and gave me the impression that she wanted to know why I had called and to go to the interview.
I had an interview and drove to it in agony and I gave it everything, despite being in massive pain. The gp was still treating me for the wrong thing and as they were not satisfied, wanted me to stay off from the office until correct diagnosis.
I was still off when the second interview came and not wanting to be humiliated again through the agency, I did not call them. They knew I was still having head pains and these were bad. So I went to the interview again in agony and got through it. The only comment about my head was passed when offered a drink and I accepted water as had a dry throat and was getting over a migraine. Also my little one had a cough and we had it all.
A couple of days earlier, the hospital had confirmed that I had been diagnosed incorrect and to come off all drugs. So, I mentioned that I had an interview and the specialist told me to go for it.
I got the job offer a couple of weeks ago and with it is a health form. I ticked the box that said I had been off and I sent a seperate letter advising what had happened and the doc had wrongly diagnosed me. The incorrect diag, meant that the drugs caused the head pain to get worse. Heck, I had driven to the two interviews in total hellish pain and I gave them both everything. When I got out of both, it took me ten minutes to get any relief to move the car and drive home - then went to bed again.
So today, the agency called me concerned that I had been off - as per the doctor note- for a period of time. The woman knew I was bad with head aches but was not aware of the amount of time that it had taken to correctly diagnose me and the doc had insisted that I not work until then.
The company now want a meeting with me on Thursday to see how I am in respect of the condition... that is now well under control with the new drugs and I am doing great...head pain is very rare - however, have to stay off until middle of month to ensure drugs are working - can take up to 6 weeks before affects are felt. I asked the agency and they were like - well we did not know you were off - (well they laughed me off when i told them).
I have expressed massive concern that I have resigned from my position and the guy I am meeting is aware of this fact. I would have crawled to the interview I really would if unable to have driven.
I am really worried, really am as i wanted this job so much, you cannot believe it. I figure as does carol that they just want to check on things - confirm whats happening and its under control which it is. I am 100 per cent different from what I was.
You dont know how much I want that job and am terrified that because of my health recently, I am going to get it rejected.
Would appreciate a few good vibes if there are any left. Heck i even have to go into my office tomorrow to collect my personal stuff and I am dreading that beyond life. Add the two together and all i see is black, black black - do you think that the company just wants to see how I am and the likelihood of it happening again - they want to cover their own backs which is understandable?
I aint gonna sleep much these next two days with worry.
Thanks for listening
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Kev -- I am so sorry you are experiencing these problems. It is awful I know to have employment problems because of health problems. It can be a downward spiral as stress over money makes the health problems harder to solve.

Still, you sound very young, and you will have many opportunities for employment if this one does not work out. I'll pray for you and send you my blessings.
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Kev, sending tons of vibes your way!
I'm sure they just want to get a better picture of what is happening and as you said you are 100% different now, let them know that..
Good luck!
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oh kev i am sooo sorry....I keep reading your posts one after another...hoping that youll get ovber these can have all the good vibes you want from me because i really want you to get better.....

A side question: Have you ever looked into alternative healing...I have a heard that a good deep muscle message can aid with migranes...I heard this from a alternative healer i went ot for my carpal tunnel.....i say you should give it a try, the worse thing that happpens is that is doesnt work, but relieves all the tension you have been carrying around with you......I have been a strong advocate of alternative healing since my doctor misdiagnosed my carpal tunnel as a brain pretty big differene there huh........
also i have been getting into herbalism a lot lately, and i suggest planting sage or having sage in your has many healin properties, and its harmless to kits......

good luck rooting for you all the time
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Oh Kev, I'm so sorry you have this stress! But my honest opinion is that they just want to talk to you about your condition and get a sense that you actually will be able to come to work for them, given the long period of time you have been out from your last job. Try not to worry too much (I know it's easier said than done), because you know that you are now able to tell them that yes, you are recovered, and yes, once the doc gives his okay you will be fit to work. I am sending you lots of good vibes, I know how much you want this new job!
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Well, I just posted a long vent too, so don't feel bad!

I don't really have any suggestions or advice, but I'm sorry that you are having such a time. Have you tried accupuncture (sp) or anything like that? Could these headaches be caused by stress or food allergies? The reason I say food allergies is because I cannot eat vinegarette salad dressing without a terrible pounding headache that lasts for several days.
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Just what you needed! I'm sending you good vibes that this all works out, Kev!
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aw kev i just wish these miagrains would just go away.
Are your doctors sure it is not a tumour? I dont mean to make you sad in any way.
My grandmother well she died back in the early 1970's she had very bad headaches/miagrains and then she died from a tumour but back then they couldnt do much in sicily.
I wish you all the best kev and they will dissapear very very soon so you can have your life back to work
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I am sure they are just reassuring themselves, and as you say, covering their backs. You already know they want you, and that will go a long way - they won't want to start again from scratch to find someone. Just go and show them you are OK and be confident, and I really hope it all works out.
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My thoughts will be with. I just cannot even begin to imagine the Hell you've been through.
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23.30 here in the UK, head is spinning and cant sleep =have got up and come down. Just cant settle in my head at all. Am worrying about the meeting and also having to go back to my office tomorrow to collect stuff. Wondering if they are gonna grill me or let me leave like I want to, just quietly pack up and slip away.
Was laid watching Carol goto sleep, shes as worried as well and I feel guilty for putting this on her. Shes clearly troubled as shes twitching around and is restless. Not fair on her at all. Well, its dry here, dark and cold. Think am gonna go have a walk out side someplace for an hour. See if I can settle my head a bit.
G'night and thanks for the comments. Its amazing how you all see black and white and I see shades of grey.
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Kev, I dont' think anyone can rightly say that they see in black and white I can certainly see lots of grey here and driving rain You've given this everything you've got sweetie, and I'll be horrified if you don't get this job. You've made this amazing turnaround healthwise, and surly they'll have seen how much you want this job by coming to the interviews with migraines like you had. That takes some serious comittment on your part and I doubt they'll just brush that aside. If they do I'm sure there'll be soemthing you can say to sway them - they can't just dismiss your migraine problems by laughing them off and it's certainly not the attitude that respectable employers should take towards prospective employees. Keep your chin up though beb, you've come a long way now - too far to have to give up We're still behind you, you know!
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mm.. okay hon, I think they're just trying to make sure that you're doing well now, and that they're not hiring you to keep you on bed rest for aeons.. I'm sure once they know that you're being treated for the right thing, and that you simply need to get sorted, they'll be happy and ready for you to come in..

As for your old boss.. I'd tell top brass that she's an unappreciative twit.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
As for your old boss.. I'd tell top brass that she's an unappreciative twit.
Ohhhhhow I wish....... you are one bad puddy cat!!!!
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Just had a call from the agency ref meet tomorrow that I have with the bloke who wants to see me.
Am told that he will want to know why the issue of me being off work at the second interview was not mentioned. Only thing I can think of to say is due to the fact that I had started the new medication and was feeling its affect already and due to this, did not feel it relevant. I did not go into further detail when asked if I wanted a drink as was coughing and I said that I had picked up the cough from our son and it had led to a migraine the previous weeks. Nothing further was broached and that was exactly where the conversation stopped.
I am of the understanding that he wants reassurance that the problem is now under control (which it is with the tablets)and also, wants the afore mentioned answered. At the end of the day, I had no idea if I would be offered the job and did not elaborate further on the condition.
I volunteered the information on the health declaration and sent a letter in seperately advising of this and what had happened - ie misdiagnosis.
I need to stress that I wanted the job and still do. He is aware that have finished work and I guess if he now declines the offer, I am up the creek without a paddle.
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Positive vibes are being sent to you Kev. It's a very stressful time for both of you right now.

If you were up front with the agency and the prospective employer, then you should not worry as they will have been cognizant of your situation from the outset.

As a former HR person, the only question I would have in the same circumstances would be whether you would have a lot of absences due to illness and I would want to be fairly confident on this point before hiring someone.

If you have had 2 interviews already, then it sounds like they just want to finalize in their own minds that you are indeed the person they want.

Good luck and best wishes on getting this job Kevin.

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