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Jasper T. Wildcat

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With help from my niece and her scanner, I present, at long last, pictures of Jasper.
Sorry, no thong shots...

These were taken the last time the computer was in for repairs and he had taken over where it sits. We were playing with a paper wad. He's a tad chubbier now.

Hmm, need to learn the resizing bit... and take more pics! Need to borrow sis' digital camera.
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Hey... There is Jasper T.!! What a cutie patootie Mr. Jasper is
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Awww Jan he's just how i imagined as well!, what a looker

Jasper!, Rosies asking wheres your thong?!
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good-looking cat! i'm glad you finally got to post them!
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Jasper is a very handsome boy
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What a cutie! I love that 2nd pic, he looks so sweet and innocent!
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he is too cute!
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Jan - he's so adorable!

Sorry, no thong shots...
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He's a cutie.
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What a handsome boy! He sure does have the attitude I imagined in the first pic.
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What a ham!!!!!! No need to borrow a dig cam, just go out and buy one That was what I finally did. I wanted one so bad, and nobody would let me use theirs cuz they used them so much, so I finally just had to get my own. Actually my first dig cam was a valenines day gift from my hubby. I got pics of MyRage as a baby with it.

I got my second dig cam for my birthday a year ago, and after a bunch of drops, it finally died this summer, and I was so broken up and in mourning over the loss of my cam (and I was working on a photojurnal of my foster kittens lives with me at the time) so hubby went out and got me a new one, that was way better then my last. This one records sound, and takes video with sound. It's not supposed to, but maybe one drop, and it forgot? It does take video with sound.

We found out after our vacation. If I'd known, I would have kept my dumb comments to myself while taking videos LOL

What a HAMCAT!!!!!!! We do NEED more pics of him!
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No thong shots - yet... Grandmeowmy threatened to make him a thong!

Miss Rosie Cat? His thongs are all packed for the next vacation. Do you have your bikinis ready?

I think he is a cutie patootie, too. I am biased, aren't I...
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Oh, he's a handsome devil, he is!! And all the character we've come to know and love is right there for all to see DEfinitely, we need more!
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Your right about that Jan......he sure is a cutie patootie!!
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He is beautiful, and jasper sez to tell him HI.....from lil jasper..
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My! What a handsome guy you are!
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I have to wait until I get home to see the pictures - dang! Ah, well then Bijou and Mika can see Jasper too!
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Bijou and Mika are here and they say you are a handsome fellow Jasper T.

More pictures please.
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oh Jasper is one cute kitty, Jan! It's so good to finally see him. Now we need some pics of you!
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Pics of me? Nah. You don't want that.

Jasper is getting a swelled head over the comments here. He thinks he can sleep on top of the computer now. In my box of envelopes. He almost stretched out and dumped himself on the monitor...
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Thanks for the Jasper pictures. He is a handsome boy -- even without the thong!
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