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Balinese Male Question

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I am new here and have a few questions. I am in the process of getting my first Balinese female for breeding purposes. I am new in breeding but fear not I will be a responsible breeder and will not breed her until everything is in order. My quesiton is I do not have a male. At this time i do not want one. I have been researching the breed and most catteries are closed so i would not be able to use thier male. Does anybody know of a Male Tradition or Classic Balinese with excellent bloodlines, and great breed standard qualities in the Midwest that is open to outside females? I fear there is none and may have to search for a male to purchase. I am used the horse industry where there are studs advertised for breeding. Any suggestions? Thanks
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You are probably right in your decision not to keep a whole breeding male in your home. For a new breeder, it can be difficult and time-consuming to properly care for a male. Most will spray prolific amounts around your house and I am here to tell ya - that smell will gag you. It is next to impossible to remove once it is there! I cage my male, I was forced to and believe me, it absolutely broke my heart to have to. Doing so has contained his mess-making but I absolutely MUST break down his cage and thoroughly wash it inside and out at least once per week to keep down the odors.

In the way of advice, you may want to try and take a different tact with the breeders in your area who have a male you are interested in. Instead of asking for stud service, ask them to give you a chance to develop a relationship with them and ask them to work with you, mentoring you and providing assistance in helping you to learn so they can trust you. By the time you have obtained your female and she is ready to breed, you may find one of them will trust you enough to be willing to allow you a breeding in exchange for a kitten - or a stud fee, whichever they prefer.

The best road is the honest road. If you are new to breeding, many breeders won't even talk to you when you call them - but if you ask the right questions, many will take the time to answer them. It is my experience that most breeders LOVE to talk about their cats! *grin* I know I do! And that's how good relationships are forged. Above all else, be forever polite and LISTEN to what they tell you. Many breeders have years and years of experience and unless you are like me *grin* and must repeatedly bash your head against brick walls in order to learn something, if you follow their advice, you can avoid making many common mistakes new breeders can and often do make.

Best of luck with your Bali's. I would love to see pictures when you get some!

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Thanks for your advice! I am going to attend a cat show for TCA as soon as possible in hopes of meeting some Balinese breeders. Right now the only one i know in the area in about 2 hours away and i'm not sure thier males are what i am looking for. So maybe some will come out of the woodwork and i can meet them there. Thanks again!
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