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Tsunami Relief

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It's been over 10 days since the Tsunami, but the needs are only growing. With disease spreading and people left homeless and without water or food, every little donation helps.

Here's a list of pages where you can make a donation to Tsunami victims -



















This list was complied by Google workers and these are all approved as trusted organizations helping the tsunami victims.
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Thank you Anne
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For those of you in Christmas debt- you can give blood. This allows the Red Cross to free up and ship more blood overseas for the people who need it- just a thought- and you get juice and a donut for your trouble.
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What a wonderful idea MA! We can't donate blood from here... but we did give $100 through the American Jewish fund.
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Thanks for sharing this very important info with us MA and Anne!!
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Yes, thank you too, MA, thats something I would have never thought of~
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Hey that's a good one MA... of course people think of all the medical supplies, water, food and clothing that will be needed... but you're right - there will be so many seriously injured people out there who need the blood. I know there are several places around here that you can donate blood - you just have to remember that you can't donate blood if you're anaemic, or have had a tattoo in the last 12 months - oh and Jehova's witnesses don't like it either. Unfortunately I've got both of those working against me - but I know a lot of people who don't!! Great thinking!
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Thank you!
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i still have not found any places where i can donate other than the internet i have a stack full of clothes to goand i would even donate my blood
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Hmm, sounds like its time for me to go roll up my sleeve and give!
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Thanks for the info!
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Thanks! This is great! I just signed up to become a blood doner and will be off to let them suck my blood by the end of the week!! It's good to be able to help in any way!!
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Thanks for the info I would never have thought of giveing blood top idea I am going to ask my bank if they are doing a donation drive tommorrow most banks here normally do for things like this and you can just pay cash or have it taken from you account I don't have a check book or credit card so it makes it easy for everyone to donate
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