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Cat training books...

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I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any cat training books that they found helpful. My siamese Simon has a great personality but I just really want to exercise his brain and make sure he stays happy and healthy. I am going to look around online, but I thought I would post here first!


Any comments would be appreciated!
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This isn't a subject I've really researched, Jane, but this sounds like a great idea for you and Simon! Please let us know what you find and what Simon has to say about it!
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I bought one in Barnes & Noble yesterday, called Cat Training in 10 Minutes. It seems to be a variation of the Karen Pryor book I bought a while back, Clicker Training for Cats. They both using clickers as a means to training... I haven't really focused on training Baylee but lately I feel I want to - I think she's bored. Anyway, if you run across those books, they're an interesting read... however I feel as though the Cat Training in 10 Minutes book is more helpful in that it has step by step instructions.

Let me know if I can help in any other way and good luck!
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