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My Job

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Hey everyone.. i just wanted to let you know... that, i have my very 1st real job!!
I will be working at a daycare(my major is... Early Childhood Ed. *i wanna have my own daycare one day)

So Today, i called one of my teachers, that owns a daycare.. To see if she was hiring.. and she said she needed some1 for the infant room.. and i was so excited! I told her i'd come in tomorrow to look around so they could show me how everything worked.. and she said, Your Hired.. and i was like WHOA! She said, come in tomorrow, 8-5.. and You will be set, you'll kno everything around here...

Infants arent really what i wanted to do.. but, its better than nothin!

I didnt have to fill out an application or anything! amazing huh?!
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Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do very well!
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Summer, that is great! You will draw off this experience sometime later, believe me. And it's a very honorable job!!
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WOW! You have the same name as my kitty, and the same major as me too. I also did daycare. It's a ton of fun. You can have them document your hours if need be!

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Congratulations, Summer!Before I went to nursing school, I did a little work in a Childcare center and also during school, we had a rotation in a Childcare, and I thought it was wonderful. I worked in the infant room and with the toddlers. The infants were really my favorite! I'm so glad you'll be doing something you not only enjoy, but also will furthur you in your goals for the future! Please let us know how your first day goes!
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Ah... i think that im sooo excited about work.. that i cant sleep!

i hope that the excitement doesnt go away!
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Wow that is great. Working with babies could be a very satisfying job as you see them grow each day. i love kids and err....cats hehe.

Congratulations Summer! Let us know how's your first day of work.
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YAY!! That is so exciting Summer... I did that once a week my last semester in college and I loved the infant room! I hope you enjoy it!
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I'm sure you'll love it!
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:claps: I would love it too if i had the opportunity
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Congrats Summer! That's terrific!!
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congrats, hope you have fun at your new job and good luck!
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Well, it was great! i love all the babies!! We have 5 right now 4 boys, 1 girl. And, a new girl coming Monday.. and a new boy coming on the 17th..

We had a few problems w/ one of the babies... but.. other than that it was good!!

ooh yeah, i got spit up on for the 1st time an hour b4 i left work! it was ok though, bcuz he was soo cute!
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Good for you, Summer! I'm very happy for your new job!
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Congrats Summer! Way too go!
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Oh Congratulations thats great good on you
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Babies smell the best!!!!!

An actress (i think it was Debra Messing from Will & Grace) once said if she could, she would bottle up the baby's drool and use it as perfume.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Ive done child care and i also started off in infants and moved to the three yr olds. I loved them all,, I subbed in all of the other classes too. Its really a fun job, and doesnt seem like work at all, it just feels natural.
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