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Livin' large - Hobbes style

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So we've finally settled in. So here are some pics of our new pad. It's a 2 bed 2 bath condo, with enough space for Hobbes to run around

Ready for a virtual tour? Put on your 3D glasses and we shall begin.
What you see when you first walk in - a red red "art gallery" wall, i still have yet to put up pictures on them. Someday....just someday.

The very comfy living room. Good gosh ignore the orange shades please, those are some very vintage sheers from the 70's, borrowed from Johnny's mom. They make the room look very orangey. The walls are actually taupe.

i've always wanted a bright sunny kitchen and i've never doubted my choice! Now you guys can see where Hobbes always sit.

A better view of the L-shaped counter. i finally have enough space to chop my meat and roll out the dough lol. How exciting is that har har. Can anyone tell me how to stop Hobbes from jumping on the counter? He sashays there as if it's a runway made for him.

Who else but none other than the helpful and snazzy pink twins. Thanks to the sister-in-law, i finally have my own pink blender! One of the best Christmas gifts last year. Can't believe 2004 is already history.

How the kitchen connects to the living room.

The display mantle. Johnny & Hobbes have their own stockings, i'm still searching for "the one".

Individual computer tables at last! Yup, that little hallway leads to the bedrooms.

Boys room (also known as the guest bathroom) where Johnny and Hobbes share their daily...y'know routines.

The green and peach master bathroom. i'll have to put up shelves so i can lay out all my candles to complement a perfect bubble bath.

"Showtime" mirror, where the beauty secrets are hidden within. =]

That's it for now, bedroom pictures err....will come later. Oh and how could we forgot our little guy?

He made sure he was part of the tour guide too. So come visit us soon!
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It looks like you have the same TV and litter box as I do! And I love the pink kitchen equipment! Your place looks great, and Hobbes looks as handsome as ever!
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You make a great tour guide! (Loved the quips.) It's a bold and beautiful home.
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Wow Pearly your place looks wonderful!! I especially love the kitchen... So homey..... Hobbes is as cute as ever too.
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Pearly - it's great!!!! I am soooo jealous of your colorful place . I have been married 25 years and owned a house at least 23 of those years. Never, ever have I been allowed to paint anything but white and when I want to hang anything heavy that would require more than one nail, DH has a heart attack So my house is boring Why don't you just line that hall way with enlarged, matted and framed pics of Hobbes in different outfits> Sort of his little modeling portfolio lining the hall walls - I am sure Johnny would love that.

I don't know what to tell you about Hobbes getting on the counter. I bragged on this forum just recently how NONE of MY kitties EVER get on the counter. Not only do I have to keep getting Megan off of the counter, one day this weekend I came around the corner and she was sitting in the kitchen sink (I love her but that is just gross). Another time, she was curled up in a little ball sleeping on the counter like it was a bed or something. I can no longer dish out advice on that subject. I guess I have just been lucky up until now.
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OMG Pearly, I love your house. The red walls are great! I have always wanted a "red room". I can't wait to move into my townhome this summer to start working on it. Hobbes looks like he's settling into his new pad quite nicely.
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your house looks lovely.
i cant wait untill i get into my appartment and to decorate. although mine will be alot smaller than yours its only 2 rooms plus bathroom :S
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Your place is lovely! I LOVE the colours, yellow is a great colour to brighten up a room (my living room is yellow), and the red looks awesome! Hobbes is adorable, as always, of course.
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Very nice!!!

Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! What an amazing place! Did you two design it yourselves?
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Thank you for sharing your very colorful home!
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Can I come live with you? Three toilets - no waiting. Now that is luxury!
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I LOVE YOUR HOME!! It's amazing!! I love all the colors, and the bathrooms look very spacious! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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Thanks for the compliments everyone!!!!

Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
It looks like you have the same TV and litter box as I do! And I love the pink kitchen equipment! Your place looks great, and Hobbes looks as handsome as ever!
Yeah...that's a Sony 32" Wega tv, it looks so small in the pic! But it's really much bigger in life. i might also get the matching pink tea kettle. Speaking of the litter box, i like that it's spacious and looks nice, but i wish the hinged top can be opened all the way back. It can be annoying when i'm trying to scoop and dispose the litter in the toilet with one hand, and the lid keeps falling down, while my other hand is busy trying to keep Hobbes away from pawing at my scoop.

My favorite part is the kitchen too, i really like the yellow a lot. Before we moved in, i "studied" all the paint swatches and Ikea catalog to find the perfect color. Chris, you had no idea how hard i had to persuade Johnny to let me have red walls. i wanted a brighter red, but of course i had to compromise. He wasn't used to having so much color in his life lol. i even wanted to paint the living room green, and we almost got into a huge argument because of that So the green was left for the bathroom. Oh and he grumbles every time i need to put a nail on the wall.

That's actually what i plan to do, compile a bunch of Hobbes pictures, get 'em developed and put them against our gallery wall. i already have some frames in mind.

Decorating our own place is so much fun (well at least for me...he just had to agree to it lol). The condo itself is a 3 year old building, so everything is fairly new. i'm just really happy with how the colors turned out. Glad everyone liked them Oh btw, my computer is the one against the red wall, so now you know where i'm typing from when i'm on TCS! Tee hee...
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I love your place! The colours are great and I actually like the orange curtains!! The hippy that I am!

I can't wait to see how your gallery turns out!
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I love your place! I so envy you all those vivid colors. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I miss my little yellow apartment, with the blue denim sofa and red throw pillows...that's where I lived before I moved in with bf, where everything is brown, black, beige and grey. What is it with men and color?
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Originally Posted by Hobbester
i might also get the matching pink tea kettle.
Oh I need a pink tea kettle! Where did you get it from?

And yeah, I wish the litter box lid could be opened all the way... I might look into a new box eventually.

And that's a great idea - having a bunch of Hobbes pictures on the gallery wall. He'll make it look fabulous!
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Lovely! Thanks for sharing pictures of your new home!
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Oh just gorgeous! I wish I had a home like that!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Oh I need a pink tea kettle! Where did you get it from?

And yeah, I wish the litter box lid could be opened all the way... I might look into a new box eventually.

And that's a great idea - having a bunch of Hobbes pictures on the gallery wall. He'll make it look fabulous!
This is the Kitchenaid pink kettle i am considering. It's not entirely pink but it does match the "twins". i'm still thinking about it though.

Do you have another litterbox in mind? We also have the Vaness CP-7, but Johnny doesn't like that it's fully covered, and we can't see what Hobbes is up to when he's in there. He always seems to happily looking for "treasure" in the Vanness litterbox, with his endless digging.
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You house is awesome! SO awesome! Can I come over?
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I LOVE the kettle... I want it! I think you should definitely get it! It would look so great with the others... which I also want!

Litterboxes... not sure. I was thinking the Booda, and then I was also thinking one of those ones that has the opening on the top and they have to go down into the box... however then you can't see what they're up to. But my bf is getting a puppy so I don't want the puppy in the box, ya know? I definitely want a fully covered one... if you find a good one, let me know.
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:P We have that same litter box too, it's the best one we've found, since Mollly has developed the habit of peeing in the crack of the corner box :/ that we've been using.. They're GREAT!!
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I LOVE your house!!!!!
Those are the exact colors that I want my kitchen to be
And Hobbes is as handsome as ever!!
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Wow--it's so beautiful!! I love it Pearly!

Zack loves his new mixer too, oh and the autographed cookbook from Wolfgang Puck!!
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