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my kitty pics

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well, pic really - I can't believe that I don't have any recent pictures of my two other cats! This is Nerdles, anyway I feel bad because she was declawed about 8 years ago (NOT what my father or I wanted, but my mom wanted them to stop scratching the furniture and took them while I was at school and my dad at work) and ever since then has become a lazy bum. She's not allowed outside because we're afraid that she would not be able to defend herself, so, in turn, she has gotten FAT! She's so cute that way though! anyway, enough blabbing --- here she is!:
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Thank you for sharing that nice close-up of Nerdles with us. I like those white whiskers.
I will be looking forward to seeing some pictures of your other two cats also.
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Nerdles is a gorgeous kitty - Welcome to tcs and please post often -
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Dear NSW,

She is beautiful. And I absolutely love her name! Is she as loving as she looks?

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Thanks guys Oh, she is very loving - the sweetest kitty! She follows me everywhere and if I leave her out of a room, she'll tap on the door so I know she's there. Sometimes if I don't get it right away, she will bang her head against it to get my attention. It's really cute hee hee. The first few times she did it, I thought she was just pushing harder with her paws, but I caught her one time- she thought I was in my room when I wasn't and the door was closed, so she thumped her head about three times and then sat and waited. haha
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here is nothin'! he was a stray, then he got used to us feeding him. We thought by that point we could take him inside - WRONG! he jumped almost as high as the door to get back out! Scary stuff! Then about a year later he was much calmer and was able to stay inside with us. Thank goodness, because the winter was coming. (notice the beatles hairstyle heh heh)
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