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Almost the end of Samwise

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I took Samwise to the vet today for a pre-show pedicure. He was a super fine boy. It was a four-hour roundtrip, including two very slow boat rides in peasoup fog.

Then -- we finally got home. Due to the length of the trip to the vet I had put a small litter box in the carrier. As I was carrying him upstairs (our house is 8 ft. off the beach on pilings), just as I got to the last step the handle broke off the cat-carrier and carrier-with-Samwise went tumbling down the stairs, end over end, bouncing off each step enroute.

I thought that was the end of Samwise. What a mess -- it was like the poor fellow just went through a washing machine full of kitty-litter.

Attached is a photo taken from the top of the stairs looking down to where the cat carrier and Samwise finally stopped rolling and bouncing. Wow -- was I panicked!! (The photo is staged, of course, Samwise was at the time huddled under a bed being consoled by Miss Kitty).

Ann's reaction, of course, was, "You almost killed my baby!!!" Mine was, "Samwise obviously needs to go on a diet."

All is now cool. No harm to Samwise. He has had his favorite hobbit-dinner and Ann and I have had a couple of cocktails. The world is good.


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YIKES !!! I'm so glad that turned out fine, Jim!
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Poor Samwise!!!!!
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Oh my goodness Jim..looks like you and Ann needed those cocktails. Maybe Samwise deserves a snifter of brandy and a good cigar! Glad all is well now!
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Oh, YIKES!! Poor baby! Poor Jim! Poor Ann! Poor Miss Kitty!

I'm so glad to hear that all is returning to normal, and our lovely boy is unhurt (except perhaps for his dignity).
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Oh no!! Poor Samwise! I'm glad he's ok. I'm sure it was traumatic for him, especially having just been to the vet. That's traumatic enough!
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Yikes...poor Samwise. I'm glad he didn't get hurt.
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Poor Samwise. Feed him extra potatoes for his woes...
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give him lots of cuddles!!!
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Oh, the poor thing! I'm so glad to hear that he is all right! What a frightening thing to have happen - for all of you!
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Oh, no! I had something similar happen while walking up our vets' front steps three years ago - the handle on Jamie's carrier broke, and he went tumbling down. Now he has a medium-sized dog carrier ("up to 50 lbs.") with a shoulder strap and a handle, both of which I hang on to. It doesn't do wonders for my back, but is much sturdier than his old carrier (which was oversized, too, as it was meant for 2 - 3 (average) cats!) My mom has suggested luggage wheels, but that doesn't solve the problem of steps. I'm glad to hear you all got through the incident!
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Poor Samwise, I'm glad he's ok.
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Glad old sammy is ok,,, the little fat hobbitses must be gaining some weight from all the carbs in those taters!!
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Oh no, how scary!I'm so thankful everyone is ok!
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Wow those steps look steep. Bless his heart..Samwise you are a brave little hobbit. Mom and Dad should give you extra treats tonight and they should have an extra cocktail to calm the nerves. Glad to hear that all are fine after that plunge.
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Awwww, poor Samwise! So glad he's okay!

I tripped and dropped poor Henry down the escalator at the subway station in his carrier when I was bringing him home from the shelter (I also managed to fall down it myself) I just about died I was so upset, but Henry was unharmed.
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Poor Samwise. Glad he is fine and everyone else is as well. Give him plenty of snuggles.
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Oh no Samwise! I am SO glad he is ok!!!

Hmm, if he didn't hate going to the vets before, he sure will now
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OMG my heart skipped a beat reading your post. Thank god his alright. Poor guy...

Well thankfully he's "well-padded" Chubby hobbits are cute, and so are kitties hehe.
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That poor kitty... although this does remind me that I need to get a new carrier for Gandalf. That's one of my great fears that the handle will break while I'm going up the stairs.
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So glad he's OK!!! Poor baby! I better check the handle on mine!
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Aw poor bubby! Glad to hear he's no worse for wear!
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Oh no, Samwise! Poor you, you must have been terrified!

I am so glad that everything was alright! I hope the cocktails helped you and Ann and Samwise got extra treats!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Aw poor bubby! Glad to hear he's no worse for wear!
Howdy, Sam,

Long time, no hear.

I'm in pretty good shape now; what was hurt most of all was my dignity. I will tell you that I have shown my people my displeasure the last couple of days. The attached photo will show you what I said to Dad after he threw me down the stairs.

Mom and Dad have asked me to go with them to Houston tomorrow for my first appearance in Premier class judging. I thought I was through with this foolishness when I earned my Grand Champion award. Now I find that after I had that little surgery I have to start all over. And I have to take on all those pretty Persians like you raise again if they also had the surgery.

Well -- we'll see. I haven't decided yet whether I will even get into that darned cat carrier tomorrow, even though Dad made a new handle for it which he guarantees (ha, ha) will never break.

You have a real Happy New Year, Sam, and keep in touch.


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So glad he is ok, think I will be shopping for another carrier for Jasper after reading this, whew!!
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