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do you do to keep your cats far away from boredom?
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My toddler. They're great play mates. (Free shipping if you need to borrow him--the human, not the cat... )
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My cats are never bored!!!!!....lol they have eachother and they have sleep......lol
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My cats have each other. Hoshi and BabyGirl are sisters. But they still seem as if they get bored sometimes. What are some really good ways to play with them or something they could play with together?
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To play with my kitten I have a Cat Dancer and some other wand toys... she loves them, especially the Cat Dancer, and would chase it for hours.

Other than that, I just toss her toys, she prefers to play by herself.
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when he is bored he attacks me or my mum or after the rabbit.
If he is very bored he will run between the bedroom and the kitchen or loungeroom and fully just runs upto the waldrobe.
He has many toys, has lost many of his mices and slowly refinding them lol.
Other than attacking us he sleeps or plays with his little toys
Oh yes and to knock things over and trying to get into the treat cupboard.
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Ohh and you can also train them.
i have trained my kitten to come onto the litter box top for its treats with a click on my hand when i want him to be there. he has also learnt to give me hugs
he opens his arms up and grabs onto me so i pick himup for a full hug

But my cat likes me more in general my bf has tried to win him by feeding him treats but its still not the same love
so he is very jealous and has demanded to have a cat of his own
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They don't seem to get bored much! Meeko, Essie and Phineas spend about 70% of their time sleeping, and during the rest of it they seem content to snuggle with me or explore the apartment or play. Henry does get rambunctious sometimes, which I take to mean he's bored, so then I play with him with the wand toy (and the other join in).
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hehehehe, obviously not enough, according to them!

There are 5 of them, they have each other and play with each other, but somehow that is not enough. They want a human to join in their fun and entertain them. Bear is the worst - he will meow 'at' me continuously - day or night - and if that doesn't get my attention he will jump up where he is not supposed to be and knock thiings off - one at a time. When we come into a room and he wants to play he will do these incredible sideway jumps straight up and down - or leap out at us from around a corner, making a trilling mreow at the same time - then take off running and expect you to follow him, like tag. Freija also seems to want someone to play with her and comes running when she discovers Bear has been successful at getting my attention. Even now, Lion is 'calling' for me - he wants to chase the laser light - or the cat dancer - or the run around after the leather lacing that I drag and all of them follow. hehehe, ask me about herding cats sometimes - it is all in the technique!

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The Sammycat and Oscar both enjoy terrorizing my Minature Pinscher, Ceasar. Poor Boo(Ceasar) is out-weighed by at the very least 5 lbs from each cat. He doesn't stand a chance and will run and hide in my lap, cause he knows they want mess with him there
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well, my girls sleep all the time.. and the like to play together alot...

Orie enjoys playing with the puppy.. its like her best friend.. other than Lena..

mostly, they love to play together.. Orie enjoys toys.. and Lena enjoys Orie, as her toy!
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