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I was wondering if anyone has ever bought cat grass for their kitties before? I wanted to buy some for Nerdles, but I didn't know if it would upset her stomach. "Here you go kitty, chew on this and you'll get sick - yay - isn't that fun?" : I don't want it to be like that for her. It says that cat grass is a "combination of natural grass seed, barley, oats, and wheat." - from the http://www.DrsFosterSmith.com website Anyone know? (oh, by the way, they're having a sale on window beds for kitties - different colors, too!)
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NightSoWindy and kitties,

I give my cat Mollie Rose (she is the only one out of 7 that likes it) kitty grass. One precaution though, do not buy the one that comes in a "bag" that also serves as the planter. There's a gel in it to retain the water and help the seeds to grow. My cat ate some of the gel (she's very impatient and can't wait for it to grow) and got sick. I get Cosmic Kitty Grass that comes in a white plastic tub. You plant the seeds, moisten the soil and put it in a warm, dark place for 3 days.

I spoil my cats rotten. That bed sounds nice. Get the stuff while it's on sale. It can get expensive.


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i used to give my natacha a cat grass you only have to make it grow & your cat will know when she need it some time she just ignore it.But cats really need it to throw hairballs out , it's good for their blood too:tounge2: & cats also need fiber just like us for proper elimination
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I grow it for my cats ALL the time! They love it!: ! I will plant it and when it grows, then at night I will set the whole [pot out for them to chew on and during the day, I will set it in the sun so it can grow more!
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My kitty loves her kitty grass; when she has that she doesn't even look at my house plants!

She has never gotten sick from it. One time she did cough & spit up a bit of the grass but she had been really greedy with it that day.

I use a brand called Priscilla's. I have two white pots on trays and get the little packets of plain seeds (no gel in these). So keep one out on the counter for her to eat & the other out on patio raising a new crop. This has worked very well for us.
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