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Crafters, craft lovers - let's meet

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As some of you are aware, there was a policy decision a couple of weeks ago that we are no longer allowed to discuss our crafts on thecatsite. Even if we are not selling them, such discussions would be considered as "advertising," since they could lead to inquiries.

I've done some looking and have a different website to suggest where those of us who wish to occasionally discuss crafts might meet to do so. This is NOT another cat website or a direct competitor of thecatsite. Nor do I see it as a withdrawal from thecatsite, but only as a way to continue occasional discussions with some of the people who have something additional in common.

Since it is a commercial site, it might be inappropriate to provide a link here. Please email me and I'll send you an invitation to the group. (Just click twofatcats above left and select "send email to twofatcats.")
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Clarification for the crafters-

You are are allowed to show off what you do as a hobby. You can display photos, and talk about your projects. It is when someone responds that they wish to "buy" your product that the problems will begin. You don't need to meet elsewhere to show your friends what you do, but you do need to understand that if it turns into a buying/advertising thread, the possibility exists that it will be pulled, pruned and placed back-
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Oh, Hissy, that is a much more liberal policy than what some of us interpreted from your comments here:


Since your comment there, "Just share them in a chat room or on IM, but please keep your crafts off the board . . ." followed inquiries about "what if we aren't even selling," it sounded as if ALL crafts talk was verboten.

I'm happy to hear that we misinterpreted.
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is verboten an english word?
i thought it was german
well im glad we can show off our crafts. although i have not started
i am so lazy hehe
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Originally Posted by fwan
is verboten an english word?
i thought it was german
Ah, you know how we Americans are. If a word fits, borrow it!

Want to know something funny about the word "verboten"? For kicks I just looked it up in a Google search and you know how they put those sponsored links over at the right? The first one said:

Aff. Huge selection, great deals
on everything Verboten.

Somehow I don't think that is an image they really wish to convey!
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Is there going to be a specific thread where we can show our crafts? I haven't really got any on the go at the moment, but I could always show some of my artwork?!!

I am glad the mininterpretation was cleared up, I was a little confused too!!
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Sar - I think we'll probably do as we did previously. When someone has something specific they want to share or discuss, they'll start a thread on that specific topic. I started two yesterday. One is titled "Cat-themed clothing & accessories" here in the lounge. The other is "Cats and Quilts" in Fur Pictures Only.

You may wish to start one of your own if your topic doesn't fit those. I'd strongly recommend, though, that anyone starting a thread might want to put a disclaimer near the top, something like "The items I'm showing are not for sale and no special orders are being taken." That might head off some of the kinds of problems craft threads have generated in the past. Remember that not everyone who sees the new threads will have seen either of these threads which refer to what is and what is not acceptable to discuss on the boards.
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