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Kitten not Eating

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Hi I am the proud Mother of a blue Persian named Samira, she is 11 weeks old and I just brought her home yesterday. She seems to cry alot, and doesnt' seem to want to eat, the breeder I bought her from gave me the same food she has been feeding her, so I know its not the food that is the problem. Should I try to force her to eat or, just wait till she is ready? Also, should I leave the kitty litter in one place, I tried to leave her in my laundry by herself, but she kept on crying, so I brought her into my bedroom wit kitty litter. She didn't eat her dinner and I just tried to feed her breakfast, she sniffs it and walks away. Please if anyone can help me would be a big help

Worried Mum
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Samira might just be stressed out about her new surroundings. Keep a close eye on her and make sure that she is at least drinking water--you don't want her to get dehydrated. Is she using the litterbox?
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She has only used it 2 times since being here, I have been keeping a close eye on her so she doesn't go anywhere else. The breeder I got her from used chicken food pellets for kitty litter... am not sure about that one, but am trying to take her out of the pellets by mixing half kitty litter to half pellets, is that ok? She did have afew licks of water and non lactose milk.
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I've heard of some people using rabbit pellets for litter, so chicken pellets is probably not that unusual. What kind of litter are you adding in? Some people recommend that you not use clumping litter for kittens, because it has clay in it, and curious kittens sometimes try to eat their litter and the clay is dangerous for them.

I would suggest just trying to keep things calm and quiet, don't move her food, water and litter around too much, and just let her be so she can get used to her new home. In the meantime, if you don't have a vet for her already, do a little research and find one, so if this problem persists or you have an emergency, you have someplace to take her.
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The kitty litter I have is made up of chrystal, looks like plastic with blue deoderisers i think..
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She is probably missing her mom, and her siblings. She needs contact with either you or another animal. You can invest in a snugglekittie, or a golden pup-


If she isn't eating or drinking or pooping by tomorrow I would take her to the vet-
Just to be safe-

You can also try kitten glop for her. I have yet to meet a kitten that won't eat that-

You can find it on www.kitten-rescue.com under feeding a kitten
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I agree with Stephanie about the clay litter - just to be on the safe side, don't use it.
I'm not sure about the plastic crystals you mentioned either. I think you're better off getting the kitten used to a natural, fine-grained litter made from wheat or corn. This way, if she samples it (tastes the litter) it won't be harmful.

It sounds like she may be lonely since she's by herself now, as well as being a bit frightened of the new surroundings. Hopefully, that's all the crying is about. Spend as much time with her as you can. There's something called a SnuggleKitty (I think) that's a plush, stuffed cat with a battery powered heartbeat that is very reassuring for kittens, especially an only kitten. You could also use an old-fashioned ticking clock wrapped in a towel - not as good, but ok temporarily.

If she continues crying and especially, if she isn't eating well, a vet visit is definitely in order. Watch her carefully to see how much she's eating. Cats and kittens can quickly become ill if they don't eat enough.

Best of luck with your new baby!
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Hi my Samira kitty is eating! thank god, and she didnt' cry once last night! We are going great now! thanks for those who helped me.
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My first cat hated dry food that she used to get at the vet. She never ate any and as a kitten, we almost lost her.

We bought like 10 kinds of food and eventually she started eating whiskas. That's the only cat food she ever ate. Nothing dry, nothing other than whiskas, and even then it had to be tuna or salmon...

I hope it's a simple problem, maybe try other brands... Good luck!
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Originally Posted by sakinah
Hi my Samira kitty is eating! thank god, and she didnt' cry once last night! We are going great now! thanks for those who helped me.

So glad to hear it!
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