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i feel so guilty

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as a few of you may remember i moved house a couple of months agoso we could have a bigger garden for the dog, more room for socks etc.
well the other day i had the back door ooen so the dog could go in the back garden, socks got out and we couldnt find him for ages , when he did eventully come back i knew he was hurt straight away, when i got him back in he was limping really bad and he wouldnt let us go near his leg, we took him the vets yesterday and he said he may have been in a fight or been kicked by someone !!!!!
but he said his leg is very painfull so he had 2 jabs and is on anti-biotics, but i have to take him back to the vets tomorrow for an x-ray, poor little thing, hes done nothing but sleep and im really worried, i feel so guilty because i shouldve watched him more so that he didnt get out. His paw has now swollen up really bad and you can see purple bruising under his fur on his toes.
anyhow, i shall let you all know how he does at the vets tomorrow. thaks for listening
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It's not your fault and you are doing all you can. We take too much on ourselves sometimes. I am still feeling guilty about Persil - that somehow she had an accident without my knowing about it. I am sure Socks will be OK and good thoughts are coming your way from us all here.
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Aw poor thing... let us know how the vet visit goes! And don't blame yourself, it's not your fault!
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awwww pooor socks....and pooor you....no worries i agree with everyone else...its not your fault, sometimes stuff happens......and this was one of that "stuff".........i am sure socks will be fine, and you need to be fine for sock....so nooo worrying ok.....
good vibes for you two ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Oh Carrie, please don't blame yourself.........these things happen and it's not your fault.........he'll be fine, you'll see. Just give him lots of love and scritches..........
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Oh poor Sock's that's terrable but it's not your falt Sock's got out kripes there so fast some days like little lightning strikes so don't beat yourself up over it and please let us know how you get on at the vets big hugs for you both
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aww, well i rather for him to be in a fight than knowing he had been kicked by someone
Let us know on the updates
Dont blame your self though. sometims things like this slip. and plus you wanted the best for your animals by moving into a bigger house
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Don't blame yourself. It happens sometimes. Just be thankful he came back and isn't hurt more!!!! I am also hoping that someone didn't kick him.. More for their sakes them anything cause if Socks mommy gets ahold of them, kicking will never occur from them again!!!!
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Carrie don't blame yourself sweetie!, it was one of those things and the main thing is socks is back inside.

He might be sleeping a lot because of the shock of whats happend but if your worried give the vet a quick ring to put your mind at rest.

Let us know asap when you get back tomorrow.
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Aww Carrie, don't beat yourself up hun! I'm sure Socks will be back to himself in no time!
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just letting you all know i took socks the vets today, apparantly he ot attacked by another cat because he has loads of puncture wounds and they were seaping.
but hes lets socks come home and he'll be on anti-biotics for a few weeks and i have to clean it every day.
just so glad hes gonna be ok
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