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PETA Euthanizes Cats!

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Apparently, it's true.

Besides calling people with more experience and knowledge in the matters of animal rescue/welfare "Naive", Ingrid Newkirk of PETA has apparently decided that she and her "animal rights" group can now add playing the role of "God" to their resume' by trapping and then killing homeless cats.

The story even reports of PETA members stealing cats from peoples yards and once they end up at PETA headquaters, they are put down.

If you let your cat out AT ALL, there's a chance that you'll never see it again.
In fact, PETA has even depopulated colonies of feral cats that were under the care of a TNR worker.
One by one, the cats just disappeared, never to be seen again-all thanks to PETA.

I urge anyone who is a member of PETA to re-think your membership to this group.
I guess PETA stands for
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are you f'n joking me....is this legit......if it is these people need to be stopped.....i thought passing out flyers and making the children of fur clad mothers cry and feel paranoid in front of the nutcracker was bad....but what is this????...why would they kill animals?????...this doesnt even make any sense....there against that right....i mean...whats going on.....I have no love for PETA...but this seems definitly over the top....OMG
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Originally Posted by allissa
I suspect they are against pet ownership of any kind, really. Maybe they think that animals are better off dead than being somebody's pes.

errr then dont own pets ya know.....if i let my kitties out into the world all by there lonsome.....they wouldnt know what to do...Emmet would scratch at the door till I let him back in....I would understand this crusade if lets say the domesticated housecat was a fairly new term....but the domesticated house cat has been around at least since ancient egyptian times....whats PETA gonna do......they have no chance in hell of winning this battle...oh I know what there gonna do...there gonna make sure to tramatize as many people and animals as they can....thats humane....they are just a bunch of dollar store terroists

*if any of you are PETA members I am sorry, and I apologize, but I believe that any compassionate person would find there actions wrong
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Unfortunately..I'm not surprized. I've known about PETA's policy regarding feral cats which falls in line with all "because they 'could be killed by ____ (fill in blank with disease, car, predator) they are better off being euthanized'. I'm not sure how a group that presents itself as wanting ethical treatment of animals can stand behind a policy that kills.

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PETA is a terrorist organization ann their tactics and "sponsored" helpers prove it. for once the Patriot Act should be put to good use. Penn and Teller's HBO show "Bulls***" did a nice piece on PETA once.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Fester
And people still succumb to their propoganda...

PETA = BAD simple as that.

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