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Thats it - am addicted to Friends BIG style. We got bought four complete series' for christmas on DVD and are watching them every night. Just watched the one where Ross went to use the spray on tan facility and would not show his face. The end was priceless where Chandler knocks on his door and shouts that the same problems Ross had, he experienced. When ross opens the door, Chandler is normal and Ross is stunned. Chandler lifts the camera - takes a photo and walks away... still in hysterics an hour later !!!!!
Have to collect the other complete sets now....

Also sat and watched "date with an angel" - Michael Knight, Emmanuel Beart. I got this sent from the US for christmas via my mother in law. I adore Emmanuel Beart and she looks the perfect angel....

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Originally Posted by kev
Have to collect the other complete sets now....
Big job eh?
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Friends is still running on several channels here in California. Many of the episodes are great, some are so-so. I still get sucked into the crazynes from time to time.
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its still on here sometimes... of course i have seen them all.. im a big junkie too!

At target they had the whole series.. and.. i wanted them soo bad, but that was like $200 for all of them.. and i dont have that much money!
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I own the complete series as of yet - all 8 seasons! I've been collecting them since they first started coming out so it doesn't seem that much, but I calculated and by the time I'm done, I should have over $350 worth of DVDs in Friends alone!

I love collecting TV series though... I have Friends, Gilmore Girls, Mad About You (the pathetic 2 seasons that came out) and Nip/Tuck.

So glad you got addicted Kev!
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i also love that one, it had me in hysterics to

i have to admit im also adicted to friends
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Hehe Im an addict too
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let me join in the addiction.
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