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A New Challenge

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My female cat, Alexandria, seems to be challenging me lately. I have very few rules for my 2 guys, I just don't want them on my food areas(dining room table, kitchen counter, etc). Usually, they adhere to this rule when I am around. I understand that when I am gone all bets are off, and there is not much I can do about it.

Lately however, Alexandria has been getting on the table while I am just in the next room. This is something that I have not noticed since she was a kitten (she is now 7). I picked her up, hit the table and said "no" and spritzed her with the water bottle. The following week, almost the identical thing happenend.

Is this a signal that something is wrong? Physically, she seems fine, in fact, in all other respects I don't see a problem. I wondered if it could be a sign of jealousy of the attention I give my male cat Spats. But I give her attention, too. In fact, she is my lap cat, Spats is not.

I am confused and would appreciate any suggestions.
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Cats really don't do things like that to get back at you for something. Usually it's just a case of really wanting to be there and they don't care that they aren't supposed to. Your best bet may be to just make it unpleasant for her. I would either spritz the table with something unpleasant like citrus spray or bitter apple spray or just put double sided tape on there until she gets the idea.
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dumb question --> why double sided tape? do they just not like the feeling of it?
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I dont think there is ever a dumb question...No, they dont like the feel of it. If you ever want to see, just put some tape on the bottom of a foot
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I might look for a reason for the change. Does the sun shine there at this time of year? Is the floor a little cold? Is the other cat going through an aggressive time, or perhaps she figures she can initiate a wrestling better from up there? Cats often do things for their own reasons, but sometimes there is something that gets it started.
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okay, thanks, Sandie
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