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Hi, all, I am looking for some advice. Our cats are healthy, no diabetes. But my vet sent me home with r/d cans. It was like wet cement and my obese cat was refusing it. He became mysteriously ill, which scared the beejeebers outta me, because it could have been liver related or low blood suger related... long story. He's okay and that was almost one year ago. I just now have the nerve to approach the whole situation again. My most obese cat is about ten years old and weighs around 20 lbs. Another is younger and is getting up there in weight. Then I have several younger/leaner ones who need to stay at the same weight. I am willing to run around twice a day, giving them about 20 minutes in separate areas. I am talking about canned, because I've learned that dry just gets abused by the piggy ones, even light formula I notice many people are using "m/d." But for my less critical cats, I'd like to use something more affordable. I currently use Friskies. About how much per day should each cat consume? For maintenance of under a year and then for slow weight loss? Does anyone know how fast my obese cat can lose weight safely? Within the next couple of years, he will need a dental. I am trying to get him ready for that, reducing the danger for him! Thanks, all. NancyM