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Board Magic for my hubby?

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My husband got laid off at the end of November. There is the possibility that he could be re-hired soon. If you could spare some "find a job" vibes, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
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((((vibes))))) coming your way...Best of luck to him!
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Cheryl, just have faith.....that along with our good vibes will definitely help him find a new job soon.
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I am sure it will happen soon - meanwhile I am thinking positive for you!
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Sending many find a job vibes. I found a cool job finder site Good luck! (I found the bank job on this site that I am going to check out tomorrow)
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Definately hoping the very best job comes along very soon for your husband, Cheryl!
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that he's soon rehired!
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I'll be happy to pray and send good vibes.
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heres to those same thoughts and vibes that got me the job I so wanted and start on 24th Jan. Will be your turn next... K
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Good vibes on the way right now!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD luck!!!!!!!
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Hubby was laid off in the middle of Nov. screwed our finances totally, luckily he found a job in 2 weeks, we are still off track, but getting better. What does your husband do? I maybe able to point you to some job leads. If not Good luck! cat.
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Keep your spirits up as well as his. If he gets depressed it will be harder to find a job. Have him talk to places he would like to work and find out what they look for in an employee. (Never go through the newspaper as thousands of others are looking through it as well.) He may find a job by being direct, as they may have an opening they just haven't listed it yet!
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Good vibes are coming!

That is the great thing about this place, even though we may not always post in the thread, we send good vibes. So you have more good vibes than you know coming your way!
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Your husband is in my thoughts, plenty of "get re-hired" vibes coming his way!
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Good luck vibes on the way!!!
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Sending prayers for him to find a good job soon
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:sends you all the good vibes.
We are in that situation. My bf hasnt been able to stick to one proper job because of promotions and getting sick of working at fast food places.
So i know the feeling about screwed up finances.
he has a job now at burger king. It will only last for about 3 - 4 months under my eyes. But he has to work there to pay off everything! and i mean literally everything!

I hope all the best for your hubby
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You get ALL my good vibes. Eric was laid of his job last year, Christmas Eve 2003, without any warning. It was devastating. But he applied for everything and anything because you never know where your resume will land....and got a better job in the end.....about 2 months. Not knowing what line of business your husband is in, I can only say that Florida looks to be in better job shape than the Seattle area, which is still very depressed. Best of luck and I hope that you and he are blessed by great luck and opportunity!
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Sending "find and get that job" vibes his way!!!!
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Sending good vibes and hope he's called back soon!
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<<<<<good vibes>>>>> coming your way!!
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Tons of good vibes coming your way!!!
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Lots of vibes coming from me too!!! Good luck to your hubby!!
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