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Best Wishes and Other News

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It's another one of those posts from me again, an update of what I've been up to since the last time I came by.

Firstly, the biggest news.

I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Murdoch University in November. The release of my results have confirmed it. The graduation ceremony itself won't be until April.

I have gained employment with SGS - Australia in their Graduate Chemist Program. I started work on the 8th of December.

I fly out to a remote minesite for two weeks at a time working one week of night shift and then one week of day shift before returning home for one week. The shifts are 12 hour shifts. I work in a lab analysing the presence of gold in gold ore samples.

I am indeed one of the lucky people. I am being paid to do what I love doing.

My fiance may also get work with the same company. And if he does, then Tania, (Kumbulu), will be there to look in on our furbabies. Thank you again chickie. You're absolutely wonderful.

I spent Christmas away from home but the hospitality and the warmth of people out at the minesite made up for it. We even had a live band to entertain us at the pub/tavern on Christmas night.

I was home for New Year's Eve and I spent that with my fiance and his sister. Though I fell asleep at 9:30PM.

Hopefully, now that I have study out of the way and constantly adjusting my body clock, (I know, not particularly healthy but I'm okay), I should be able to come by more often and less of the posting and running.

I hope that everyone's festive season was a warm, safe and happy one. May the new year be a year of joy and one of new beginnings.
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Mags, I am so happy everything is working out for you!
It looks like 2005 is a very good year for you. Congratulations!
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Sounds as if you are about to begin a wonderful adventure, Mags!How very wonderful that you have found a position that is exactly what you enjoy doing! Do you feel it will be difficult at all for you to be away from home 2 weeks at a time, or is this all the better for you? Glad you had a nice holiday season, and sure hope you will be able to visit us much more often now!
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Thanks guys.

Well I've been alright being away from home at two weeks at a time. I actually eat quite healthily out there too. I just have to make it to the gym.
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Good for you, Mags! Sure hope you really enjoy your new position!
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, Mags! It really sounds as if you'll have an exciting year. Isn't it wonderful of Tania to help you out like that? I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck!
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Wow I'm impressed! Congrats on all your hard work! And I'm glad you have a job you love - it must be nice!
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WTG Mags!!! Love ya girl! Stop in when you can. and all the best for 2005!
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hehe you sound very happy.
Im glad that you are doing somthing you love
all the best
and looking foward for you to come on the next time
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It's definitely wonderful being paid to do something you love.

After having a few jobs that were not exactly wonderful, this is one job I'm hanging on to. Though I am working towards a promotion. (Been there only a month too!)

That's the plan Sam, hopefully I'll be stopping by regularly.
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