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Vibes for friends?

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We just got a phone call from a really good friend of ours; his father died today. Floyd was also a good friend of Earl's, who had started working on Floyd's computer on our friend's recommendation. They asked if Earl would be a pall bearer. Floyd was only in his 50s, and although he wasn't in the best of health this was totally unexpected. They said that he just went to sleep today and didn't wake up...

Any good vibes for our friends and their two daughters, as well as all of their family, and Floyd's friends, would be very much appreciated.
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I am so sorry for your friends loss, and yours.
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Vibes on their way
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Oh Heidi... you all have my prayers at this sad time. Death is a very hard thing to accept, but something we must all do. My heart goes out to them all. God bless.
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What a tragic, sudden loss they are experiencing.They are in my prayers.
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That is a terrible thing to happen at any time, but over hte holiday season is especially sad. I am sorry for your friends.
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Vibes being sent, as well as prayers. Sorry to hear about this.

Hugs to you and Earl.

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My condolences. That must have been a horrible shock for your friends.
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I guess it has really sunk in this morning, and it's really hard to deal with. Floyd was making plans for the future, so this definitely wasn't something he was just hiding from his friends and family. He was planning on getting married again in March. I honestly don't even know if he had told his family about that, but he had told Earl. I can't imagine how our friends are dealing with this. The two girls were just the apples of Floyd's eyes, and I'm sure they are really upset.
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Oh Heidi Iร‚ยดm so sorry to hear that... My thougths and prayes too...
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Oh I'm so sorry. Definite vibes being sent!
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Heidi, the family and you & Earl are in my thoughts.
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What a shock. They (and you two) are in my thoughts
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Keeping you and your friends in my thoughts.
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aw heidi, vibes are being sent, Definetely in my thoughts
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Oh how horrible! Sending huge comforting vibes and "be OK" prayers! It's one thing to be in ill health - it's another thing altogether to be so young and then have death steal you away so unexpectedly.
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im sorry for your friends loss and yours, im sending good vibes your and your friends way.
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