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I may have an apartment!!!!!!!!!

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So john and I went to go look at an apartment today......and I loved it....the kitchen was the biggest kitchen I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!! the bedroom is a good size, and the livingroom is modest, its all repainted and such......huge windows...good water pressure...and the price is even has hallways and corners and such that the kits will love to run around........It was very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
We filled out the application right there on the spot....she is going to let us know tommorow if we got the apartment............
So what I need from you guys is all the vibes you can spare...we really need this place, we have to be out of here by the please please please good vibes this way if you can spare them........
thanx in advance!!!!!!!!!
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TONS of vibes going your way
Let us know what happens tomorrow?!?!
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Sending those vibes...

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Eeeeek thank you....I will definitly keep you all posted as soon as I hear the news....thanx for the good vibes
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Vibes for you!!!!

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Lotsa vibes Sounds like a great place, so I hope it works out for you
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lots of vibes!!

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Lots of vibes -any news yet?
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Lots of good luck vibes headed your way!!!
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~Get The Apartment Vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope you get it!
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How exciting, Bridget! It's funny that you said that about the good water pressure. That's something I always check, too! I just really want to enjoy my shower! I lived in a place once that the water pressure was completely dependent on the family living down the hill from me and how much water they were using. Boy, those were some awful showers, and I could just forget about doing laundry at the same time as them, and these were actually a couple of the highlights of the house! It was a great place to leave! Glad you've found such a terrific apartment where you really like the rooms that also has beautiful large windows, it sounds just perfect for you, John, and the kits! Please let us know as soon as you find out!
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Lots of good vibes Bridget ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Mega-vibes coming your way Bridget--any news yet?
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Good luck to you!
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Good Vibes on the way!!!!
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Nothing yet............. ....but its still early....its only 1:20pm here....ill let you guys know though as soon as I hear....and thanx for everything you are the greatest...
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*sends you all the good vibes to get this appartment*
you really deserve it
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I just got off the phone with my new landlord....omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!
Yup we got it...and i know it was your good wishes and vibes that got us there...thank you all so much...i think im gonna cry !!!!!!!!
Thank you all.....
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That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you!!!!

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That's SUPER Bridget! Woohoo! Time to party, alright!
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Thats great!!!!

Do we get pics when you move in?
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YAY!!! Awesome news!
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Yay -- I was gonna send lots of vibes your way, as I missed the thread yesterday.

I am very excited to hear your good news.

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Originally Posted by ash_bct

Do we get pics when you move in?

of course you even get pics of all my strong guy friends who i have already gotten to help i can just sit around with the cam and get you guys some action shotsl
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Bridget, that's WONderful! Congratulations!
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