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bald spot?

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Hey everyone, my cat Leeloo is 8 months old, and she's always been very healthy ever since I got her. I noticed today that on her left leg there was a big patch of hair missing, just a big bald spot that I know wasn't there yesterday or the day before (I treat her like my baby so I know instantly when there is something wrong) is this something serious? I dont think she has fleas, I checked and I havent seen any, plus she is an indoor cat, so I dont know where she would have gotten them from!

I dont know if this could be part of it but, when I went to visit my family for the holidays, I took her with me on the plane (I had no one to watch her so I brought her with me), and I just came back Friday night, I had given her Acepromazine (sedative) for the trip, I got it from my vet, and she was perfectly fine with it on the way up, and seemed to be fine the way down, I'm wondering though if it caused this hair loss. Or maybe stress from being on the plane?? (my poor kitty )

anyone who can help thank you so much! I get so worried about my baby.
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Is she grooming excessively? Is the skin normal and dry or is it red and wet? Any bumps or flakes? Could there have been fleas in the residence you were visiting?
This could be due to stress but usually stress causes over grooming and resulting hairloss.
It could also be ringworm.
I would get it checked out and in the meantime wash your hands really well after petting your cat- just to be on the safe side.
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she does groom herself alot, but not so much that I thought it was more than normal for a cat. The house I was in, I dont think its possible for her to have gotten fleas because my parents dont have any pets at all and never have besides one little parakeet that stays in a cage.

But, her skin looks completely normal where theres no hair, no dryness or redness or bumps just normal skin thats why I wasn't so worried at first.

is there any other way to tell if she has ringworm? I really hope thats not what it is.
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