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I'm already stressed about this summer!

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I'm in a total quaandry. I just got the word that the man who has been heading up our Colorado High Power Shooting program will no longer be able to do it. This is going to leave a huge gaping hole in our team, and in our program in general. Jim did so much, and no one person is possibly going to be able to take his place. Which leads to my situation. I have been the "Team Coordinator" for the last two years, organizing the team out at Camp Perry (Nationals) as well as doing some fundraising for the team. So I would be the heir apparent in a lot of ways to many of the things that Jim did, particularly in preparing all of the arrangements for the National Matches. There are a couple problems with this. Jim always travelled out and back with the main Junior (underage shooters) team, as the team pays for their transportation out and back, as well as their hotel rooms on the way there and back. Nationals are two full weeks plus 3 days out and 2 days back, and I only have two weeks vacation total. I simply cannot be at the nationals the entire time. Which may not be a big deal, I'm not sure.

I'm also feeling a bit of a pull in too many directions. I work, and am the primary breadwinner in our home. I have Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy, which are so important to me, and which we want to get running on again soon. I also do websites and graphics work on the side, meaning after work and weekends (which doesn't always make hubby too happy). I'm a moderator here, and I take that committment seriously. And the shooting thing, which is almost every weekend from mid-June through the first part of August (Nationals). It's only January and I'm already feeling like I am stretching myself too thin for the year. But at the same time, I think about who else can do all of this...and the answer is that I really am the best choice for most of it, especially taking over the non-local-match parts of what Jim did for the team. But I really can't or won't let my other committments down either...


I think I just needed to vent before I hyperventilate from now until August....
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Heidi, when it gets like that in my life, I do a pro and con list to each responsibility and see what balances out- and what keeps me sane-
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Heidi I have nothing to offer you as suggestions ect I'm sure there will be others that can
But I just want to say that I will be thinking of you that somehow everything can work out and not cause you any more stress
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Poor Heidi. I feel for you.

I'm the same way. I don't always know how to say no, or to prioritize. For instance, including writing, I earn a living as a realtor. I train all the new agents (fresh licensees; including teaching contracts and escorting them through their first two escrows. There are 10 on the program right now...and it's only January!), handle all legal compliance issues, appear at mediations, coordinate the entire calendar for the office, including scheduling guest speakers and classes for experienced agents. On top of that, I also sit in for absent agents (vacations) and when our OM is gone, I ride his desk, too.

I told my broker NO the other day, and he nearly fell over. He'd asked me to do something, and I just told him not gonna happen, sorry. It was something simple, too. I just didn't have anything left.

And somehow, I manage 2-4 skydives in a month.

So yeah, I do know how you feel. Hugs to you. Now stop ventilating, and figure out what will make YOU happy. And say no when you can.

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You know what they say - when you need something important and urgent done, find the busiest person and ask them to do it - because you know it will then happen! Those that can already fit lots into their lives can always organise one more activity. Good luck - I am sure you will find the right solution, because you care so much about all aspects of your life.
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Good luck figuring it out - making these decisions isn't easy. Maybe, if you are to take over the shooting team role you could look at the responsibilities and reorganise who is responsible for what in the management committee. It maybe an excellent time to see whether the arrangements that operated in the past are appropriate for the future.

Good luck
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You are only one person. You need to decide which one of these extra activities you need to say "no" to. I hate feeling like you are now.
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Oh, Heidi, you must be feeling so incredibly overwhelmed! Although you are quite capable of juggling all of these tasks, please remember, you must also do what feels right for you and your family. Noone expects you to do absolutely everything!
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Heidi......take a couple of deep breaths.......and just remember, you have to take care of yourself or NONE of that will get done.......I saw pick and choose what's most important to you, and be realistic..........I know it's hard but sometimes we all have to say no...............
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Thanks everyone.

Jenny really hit the nail on the head...all of this is so important to me that it's really hard to say no to any of it. Well, that's not true...there are a lot of the parts that Jim did that I simply will say no to. There are a lot of people who are members of the Gun Club that can and should take on more responsibility for the program which they have gotten quite a bit out of. The problem is that it seems no matter what the need a small group of us are the ones who pick up the slack. Hopefull this will change that. Jim was really the backbone of Colorado's team, and particularly the Junior program. It's still such a shock that he won't be a part of it...
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I was going to ask if you could perhaps form a "leadership partnership or committee" to divide the tasks, though I see you're already thinking about that. One word though - don't stretch yourself too thin, as you can really jeopardize your health, even at your "tender age".
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