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Happy Birthday Debby!!!!

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:blubturq: ::baloon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY!!! :baloon: : :blubturq: :

I miss you, and hope your day is a terrific one!
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Happy Birthday Debby!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

I miss seeing you around here!!
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Happy Birthday Debbie!


Come back Debbie. The Cat Site needs you!!!
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Debby! Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday Debby!!!

:flower: :baloon: :flower: :baloon: :flower: :baloon: :flower: :baloon:
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Oh you guys!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! You make it pretty much impossible for me to stay away for very long!!

I will be back soon, I miss all of you wonderful people too much to stay away!

Anne e-mailed me and told me to check out this thread, and I also had several PM's wishing me a happy birthday, this really means alot to me!
Thank you Cleo for starting this thread, and thank you to all of you who replied!

I had a wonderful Birthday, although I don't like the thought of being 36 now.

I hope all of you are doing well, and your cats too!!!! I pray for all of you, and I miss you all very much!! I will be back soon!

I love you guys!!!
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Happy Birthday Sweetness!!! :pinky::pinky: I hope you check this site out, cause this is part of my wish for you! ....



Love ya little one

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Happy Birthday Debby!!!! I miss you. Hopefully you will be back soon.
:blossom: :girlie: :icecream: :clown: :afrorainb :bubbly:

Catalina, love the site. How did you do that? One day when I have my own equipment, I would like to learn, I want to learn how to make my own websites. :confused2
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Well, since this is my second post in this thread now, I think I'm back!

Catarina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that site!!!!!! I saved it to my favorites!!! That song is one of my favorites!!! I don't have it on CD, but now thanks to you, I at least have the music for it saved!!

I remember some of the words....

What a lady, what a night!!!!!! Late december back in 69 (?) What a lady what a night!
Oh I, had a funny feeling when she walked, into the room......

okay, thats all I remember, but I LOVE that song!!!
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