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I called him Roswell

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A few weeks before Christmas, I was delivering a stop-off in Roswell, New Mexico.
After making the drop and heading off to Texas, I approached an intersection to U.S.Hwy 380.

That's when I saw him.

Walking through the tall grass was a beautiful orange-stripped tabby heading towards the road.

I caught the sight of a pickup truck heading east towards me and all I could think was "No, No, No, No, No"

The tabby made a dash for it and didn't make it-the pickup never even stopped.

I called Roswell Animal Control and they only have one officer who was on the other side of the county and looking at this poor animal, it was easy to see that his time was near and virtually nothing could save him.

All I could do was pick his shattered body up off the road and carry him back to the grass where I stayed with him, talking to him, petting his dying body through every convulsion and shudder until the life left his eyes. Thankfully, it didn't take long, not that I could have never gotten him to a Vet in time anyway.

As I looked at his now-lifeless body, I wondered how he came to such a pass, un-neutered, no collar. I wondered if he was a feral, if he was someone's barn cat or was he a beloved family pet that had been lost/strayed or cast aside.
I wondered what he might have been like as a kitten, if he ever had that "special something" that makes our cats so special to us and if he was domesticated, was he the love-bug that my Bari is or was he aloof, in charge and a top-cat?
I'll never know.

What I do know is, he ended up on that road because someone had failed him and I was the reluctant witness to his violent, painful and needless death.
I know that someone driving a pickup truck didn't see him in time, didn't slow down and didn't even stop-he just left him there to die all alone.

I named him "Roswell" and he didn't die alone.
In the last five minutes of his life, he had a name, someone there to comfort and pet him and he left this world and crossed the bridge with the sun on his body and the warm wind in his face.

I'm sorry I couldn't save you Roswell, I only wish that I could have done more. But when my time comes to join you, I will claim you as my own.
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You did the right thing for that poor kitty. He will look for you on the rainbow bridge.
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ohh jimmy that made me cry for him. I am glad you were his spirtual guide to help him exit this world. I will go light a candle for him now- and know that his path is an easier one to walk now-
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Poor Roswell.

Thank goodness you were there to help him along to the Bridge; I know he'll never forget that, and when the time comes he'll run to greet you with head bonks and purrs and claim you.
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Jimmy, thank you for showing him love for the last few minutes of his life. You're a gem among gems, my friend!
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You're wonderful person to share Rosewell's last moments with him and hold him close.

That story touched my heart.
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Poor Roswell, what a sad story.. You are so kind for loving him in his last moments here.
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R.I.P. Sweet Rosewell´s....
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How terribly sad. I saw a tortie dead in the middle of the road two days ago, and wondered what had happened to her. How people can not stop I cannot imagine. I once got a call in the middle of the night from someone who had hit my Pippin and had taken him to an emergency vet at 4 in the morning. Sadly, they couldn't save him, but I was eternally grateful to her for having the decency to try, and to call me, which couldn't have been easy.
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I'm so glad you happened across this little man. Or vice versa, he happened across you.

Reading your post did bring tears to my eyes, and made me feel awful about the situation. Such a sad sight to see, but I am sure you were there for a reason. To make little Roswell feel loved for the last few minutes of his life. If only all men, and women could feel what you felt, or feel the emotion you put into that tribute.

Thankyou for being with the little guy, Thankyou for remembering him. The questions you asked sounds like something I would have asked had I been there. I would have been such an emotional wreck afterwards, I am not sure I could have articulated(SP?) my feelings into words.
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Because of you Roswell knew love, thank you for that.
When your time does come, he will remember that love and claim you for his own
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you were for roswell for its final moments.
I hope roswell crossed over happily.
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That was the saddest thing i have ever read, it made me cry.Im glad roswell had you there at the last moments of his life to comfort him.
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At least he didn't die alone, as you said someone, YOU, cared and loved him in his final moments. May he play happily at the bridge until the time comes for you to really get to know him. Goodbye Roswell.....
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oh Jimmy what a wonderful person you are to stay with Roswell as he crossed over
you gave him love in those final moments and he wil never forget that... he WILL be waiting for you at the bridge but until then he will watch over you as you were his angel here on earth

RIP sweet angel Roswell
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