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Oh, no! Sheba slipped out!

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I've been trying to keep Sheba as an indoor-only cat since I got her in early September. She had been part of a large colony before the shelter got her in June, so at least she has some experience with being outdoors. I don't know how long she'd been with that colony, though. She came to me way too socialized to have been born and raised as a feral.

At any rate, she just got out again. It is so hard to keep her indoor-only when I let the boys out each day. She wants out, too. A few minutes ago I was going to let Red Cat back in. I didn't see her anywhere, but as soon as that door opened she made a dash down the stairs and out the door before Red Cat even got in. The two previous times she managed to get out, she stayed real close to the house and I was able to get her back in within minutes. It isn't going to be so easy this time. I had to go get my shoes on, and by the time I came back, I saw her heading into the woods which adjoins my yard. The underbrush is so thick, there is no point in my even trying to go in there.

What is scary is that it is just at dusk, too. Coyotes could be out.
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Oh goodness! How scary for you! I do hope Sheba comes back home very very soon, safe and sound.

I'll move this to SOS for you, but I sure hope you won't need any help getting her back...
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Good luck getting your baby Sheba! i hope she comes in safe and sound with no problems. Keep us posted.
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Sending positive vibes and hoping for Sheba's safe return!
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Hope Sheba gets back like my Wawa did. His first day out of the cattery (recovering from wounds) he dashed out in search of his old feral friends. He was gone the afternoon but came back when it was dark (around 9 p.m).
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Sheba is back!

Guess it is a good thing she hadn't had dinner yet. She came to the glass slider to my sewing room and was just waiting there on the porch when I went back into that room! I typically feed the boys (and occasionally her, too) right near that door, so she could see the food dishes from outside. Whew! I'm glad she didn't stay out to explore very long.

Oh, she is going to get lots of cuddles tonight. I can cuddle her more freely now, too. I took her to a groomer on Friday and she got what might well have been her first bath. I've been allergic to her ever since she came, and she now smells so good.
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You are so fortunate she came home to you!
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So glad she's back!!! Enjoy snuggling with her tonight.
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Yes, she hasn't been out enough to know this area yet. This is miles from where her colony was, so it is not as though she was already familiar with the territory. No doubt all the smells of Purdy and Red Cat's markings on the posts around the house and the area helped her to know where home territory was, though, even if she did go off to explore the woods. Being still so young (1-2), she is so much more curious and willing to get into everything than the boys are that I worried so much more about her. I know she sure manages to get in more trouble in the house.
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I'm just wondering why the boys are allowed out?
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Well, Red Cat was an outdoor cat for about three years before I got him. He's about age nine now. Purdy had been a stray and I'd seen him wandering the neighborhood for at least six months before I took him in. I have no idea if he was indoor only or indoor-outdoor with his first family. He's about eight or nine years old. But both were very familiar with the outdoors, and since this is a pretty safe neighborhood with few cars and lots of vacant lots and woods, I felt it was worth the small risk to allow them to continue to be out, since they loved it so.

Sheba, though, is only 1-2 years old. In all probability, she'll still be with me when I move next time, and at my age, that will be "closer to civilization." Thus, the risks to a cat going outdoors will be greater. While I wouldn't feel bad about allowing her to be an outdoor cat here (daytime only like the boys), I think her adjustment to staying in will be easier at this age than if I tried to make her an indoor-only cat five or ten years down the road. There is no doubt about it - if the boys are still alive when I move, their adjustment to becoming indoor-only will be tough on all of us!
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I'm so glad Sheba made it back in none the worse for wear. I'd be spastic if my kids ever got out, but then again, they've been indoor kitties since I got them.
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I think there is an advantage of adopting a cat that has had to fend for themselves in the wild outdoors for a time. They've learned some survival skills, and if one does try to keep them indoors, they'll probably be better able to make it should they get out. With the boys, I knew at least the minimum time they'd been outdoors before, so I felt more secure with them being out. With Sheba, though she came from a colony, I had no idea how long she had been there, possibly months, but it could have been only a matter of days. Anyway, I'm glad she kept her cool and is safely back home.
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