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help!!! cat in heat after spay????

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i had my female cat spayed approx 3 months ago...yesterday she started acting like she was in heat again...rubbing against everything & howling very loud...she's about 2 years & 1 mth old this normal???
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It's not very likely, but if she is acting as if she is in heat your vet can do a hormone test to see. He may have missed an ovary or something like that. I would take her back to the vet who did the surgery and see what he says. Becky
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thanks for the reply...that's what i was afraid of...
we've had the worst luck w/ neutering & spaying...we had our male cat neutered over a year ago and he was also showing signs of not being neutered such as spraying, aggression, & trying to mate with female cats..we later found out that he still had very high testerone levels and he was not completely fixed...
2 different vets..same problem
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You really are having bad luck. In a male cat it is easier to explain, because one testicle can be undecended, still in the abdomen and it is really hard to find them sometimes. But in a female it seems like it would be harder to miss if they took out tow ovaries and a uterus. But there could be anomalous ovarian tissue somewhere, too. The important thing is to go back to the same vet that did the surgery because, for one thing, they shouldn't charge you to make it right, and for another thing, he would be aware of any oddities he found during the surgery. Good luck. Becky
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Originally Posted by jennx2001
i had my female cat spayed approx 3 months ago...yesterday she started acting like she was in heat again...rubbing against everything & howling very loud...she's about 2 years & 1 mth old this normal???
I recently started having the same problem with one of my cats...she appears to be in heat, but she was spayed 3 years ago! Is it possible that she could become "unfixed" after all this time?
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No, I don't believe ovaries can regrow. I would consult a veterinarian because 3 years later this could be a sign of a problem. If it was within a few months, then I would suspect that ovarian tissue had been missed, but three years later, doesn't make sense. Your vet can do a hormone test to be sure but there may be brain disorders that could cause this. Becky
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We "rescued" Mooch from an owner who was moving and Mooch could not go with. We were assured that she was already spayed.

She has, on several occssions, now, exhibited all signs of being in heat (rubbing against objects, presenting herself to our confused boxer, and other flirtacious behavior) except spraying. I have not detected any odor anywhere. She is an indoor cat, and I have yet to get her to the vet to be checked. Our male cat is nuetered, and spends a lot of time outdoors. He seems annoyed at Mooch's advances, but is otherwise non-agressive. Any other time, they get along well, and play often.

Could the change of seasons/location (tiny urban apartment to a large subrban home with plenty of opened, screened windows) have anything to do with it?

Is it possible that she still experiences the hormonal changes, yet is incapable of conception? Is it possible that she isn't spraying because she doesn't have the instinct to do so?

Obviously, I need to get her to the vet for her boosters. At that time, can the vet tell if she's been spayed?
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Our 11 month old kitten was neutered at 6 months & has definately come into heat. She has happily accommodated most ofthe male lossy circling the house until we caught her and brought her inside to calm down, which she eventually did until our 5 year old spayed tom grabbed her by the knack and mounted her (then looked at me, not sure what to do next lol) but this started her off again. I have done some research which agrees with whathas been said above & we are taking her back to the vets tomorrow, but what I want to know is if she will need another operation or is there some sort of hormone treatment? Any one know?
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Hi @Julesinspain  This is a pretty old thread but obviously very relevant to your situation.. We've had a few threads about this.. the most useful for your question is this one especially this post:


Originally Posted by meyergrrl View Post

In case anybody's interested, we did end up going to the vet school to find out what our options were. The reproductive vet told us about hormone implants similar to human birth control that would shut down the cycle, but it's hard to know how long they last in individual cats so you have to keep going back usually every couple of months. And any time you mess with the endocrine system there can be side effects. We ended up going with one more spay surgery. They had a protocol that involved some timing with her going into heat (not a problem because it happened every 2 weeks even in the winter), a couple of injections and progesterone tests, so it was kind of time-consuming but in the end it worked. The injections caused the ovarian tissue to engorge and change color so it ended up being a pretty quick surgery and uneventful recovery. And at least so far (1 month or so) it looks like it worked!



Let us know how you go. :) 

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Hi Mani, I'm new to this site so hope I've pressed the right button to reply. Thanks very much for the information. I have been back to the vet this morning & although she's heard of it happening has no personal experience of it (found it difficult to believe she could have left anything in there!) Any way, she needs to do some research in order to find the best course of action. I will show her this post in the hope that it will expediate the process. In the mean time we ( and the neighbours ) will have to put up with another couple of noisy nights until Poppet reaches the end of her cycle.

Will post an update when it is resolved (soon, we hope lol)
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That's great... good idea to show her the thread.

 Poor Poppet.. a victim of her hormones..   I did have a laugh at your boy, totally unsure of what to do next!  They'll both be a lot happier and less confused when it's fixed.. :)


Let us know how you go!

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