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Bill's nurse

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Bill and I have both caught the twins' colds. Due to his age and pre-existing respiratory problems, he's got it worse than I do. He is, however, being well cared-for:

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They do make the bestest nurses, don't they? Very sweet.
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Aw what a great picture! Glad to hear he's been taken care of! Now both of you feel better, okay?!
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that is just too adorable!
Get well very soon the both of you
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Ahh Cindy, that is sweet. Hope you and Bill are up and around soon!
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With a nurse like that, you'll both be well in no time.
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It's so true that cats make the best nurses. When I had my surgery last month The Sammycat and Oscar wouldn't leave my side.

Bill and you both will be well in no time with that purrty little nurse watching over you both Get to feeling better soon you two
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What a pretty little nurse Bill has!

Ophelia is our little nurse, she always has been. But when Earl had pneumonia last year, it seemed Trent and Ophelia worked in shifts to take care of him.
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Theres nothing better than a kitty when your feeling ill
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What a good kitty! Hope you are both feeling better real soon!
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What a sweet cat!
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Aww I hope you two feel better. What a pretty nurse.
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aww cute what a great nurse, i also hope you 2 feel better!
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aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I wish I had a nurse like that running around my house. Beats the ones that they have in the movies, that are so stuffy and have no sense of humor LOL
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Awwwww :-)
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Aw Rowdy sure makes a great nurse!
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