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Gee, I guess it would be pointless to ask if you've heard the news... what part of the world hasn't? I don't know how everyone else has reacted - possibly with the same air of despair that most have. I'm heartbroken to hear all these stories of families losing everything... homes, food, possessions, families and friends... and I can honestly say that I'm proud to be British when I heard of how much and how quickly we have responded in sending aid and donating money - but there is still something missing. I feel completely helpless at this end - and although I've made a donation, small though it is, I know that it's going somewhere good.. But I wanted to feel like I could do something more. And then I though "I can." So I'm going to put it to you now... this is my new year's wish... those of you who haven't made a donation to help these people in their darkest hour, when they need it most... please do? I know this community is a very close and loving community, and I know that many of you will already have done, or will be doing, what they can to help... I intend to see if I can't raise a few funds specifically for this fund... I don't know how... but I will. Please can you help my wish come true.

thankyou on behalf of those we'll help.
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Emma i was just waching the news and watched the water go over and drag people away.
I saw one that was asking the helicopter for help and then a big thing looked like a bus went over him. i really wish to know that that man actually survived it
Britain has raised 60 million pounds i think?
I dont know how much germany has raised but i will donate, I think they are having those bucket things with money also so as soon as i see one i will donate as much as i can.

You can also donate clothes As i heard on the tv thats what they needed most?
I have some clothes here that i can donate as soon as i find that place where you dispose it.

It really sucks how cruel a beautiful ocean can be.
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The public have raised 60 million... the government has pledged a further 50 million - and that isn't the final figure... it's in excess of 110 million. Sometimes, I'm proud to be a Brit - those moments are rare - but they are there on occasion. Folks, it looks like I'm decided on a course of action. I will be seeing how far I can walk in 12 hours (obviously I'll need the last 12 to get home again so a 24 hour walk and hopefully I'll be able to raise something...
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Well I actually heard about the tsunami on the night of Boxing Day, far too late to call anyone. And I had to wait another 13 hours before I could call anyone to check on family and friends.

I am one of the lucky ones. I haven't lost anyone that I know of.

I'll be donating funds to the appeal from Australia.

From what I have learnt thus far. Clothes and non-perishable foods are the things that are most needed. I am assuming that the military personnel going in will be taking in the equipment required to sanitise water or large amounts of water.
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I've been very proud of how the whole world has responded, including my country. Click here for an interesting article on US response:
LA Times article

I've been dismayed that it has been an occasion by some to play politics, it should simply be about helping those affected by this tremendous disaster.

We've given once so far, and will again soon, the enormity of this tragedy just continues to grow
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Yeah, the clothes and non-perishable food we can organise a collection for through my son's playgroup - all the kid's clothes that we can find that our own children have out-grown will be a huge help - it doesn't really seem like much, but I know it'll be appreciated. Every little helps. I'll be approaching the local leisure centre to see if I can arrange a circuit through them - yes, it will be outdoors and I don't give a stuff what the weather's doing - if I have to walk in the rain or snow, then I'll do it and to hang with a cold. As far as I'm concerned, these people are sleeping under the stars every night and they don't know when they'll have better, I only have to do it once. 24 hours I guess is a long time to walk for, but I'm reckoning I can clock up a good 140 odd miles in that time. I'm hoping to get people to sponsor me by the hour

I'm proud of the way a lot of people have reacted to this dire situation - but now we're all in it for the long haul. I'll keep you all posted on arrangements
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I'm extremely proud of the world as well! But I'm very scared to read the mornings paper, the pictures just upset me so much. But it's something we as human beings must deal with. On new years day, the rain in WGTN was absolutely torrential, and Nana & I went for a drive and we saw a group of little girls and their parents collecting for Red Cross, all money to the Tsunami appeal- and man it's just devestating.
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I made a donation to Save the Children, which is working over there now. I may send more though. I can live without some things for myself.
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I have donated to Red Cross and I will be again

Something my little city is doing that I thought I'd share...

A locally owned travel agency urged people to give up the trips they were planning to take (anywhere in the world) and the money would instead go to Red Cross, so far in about 4 days, over $50,000 has been given... I think the woman who owns the agency is absolutely amazing, as well are the people who gave up their trips~
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