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Noisy Sleeper!

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I'm just wondering if anyone else's kitty is a noisy sleeper.
Winnie makes alot of noise in her sleep...always has, but the thing with that is she only does it when she sleeps in my mom's bedroom, she doesn't do it anywhere else.

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My Mischa is the most noisiest sleeper ever I swear. She snores and snuffles! She wakes the rest up.
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I wonder if your mom's bedroom may have drier air somehow, than the rest of the house? When I lived where there was wood heat, which is very dry, my cat would snore a lot. I used to put a pan of water on the top of the heater to increase the humidity. The other thing I would think of is does your kitty feel safer in your mom's room, so he sleeps deeper there, and so snores then. Those are the only reasons I can think of for the difference. Becky
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Sasha hums and sings little things in his sleep. It can get loud at times!
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One of my cats (Patsy) snores all the time. Sometimes I can hear her at the other end of the house. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't sleep with me. Patsy has to sleep either with her head on my pillow right next to me or she lays on me and puts her paws around my neck and her head right next to my ear.

Princess (who also sleeps with me) must dream in her sleep. She wil hiss, growl and swat at things in her sleep. It's actually pretty funny to see her fight in her sleep.
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