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Josh is one month (PICS)

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I can't believe my baby is a month already. He is doing well except for at night. He has his bottle and then stays up for an hour and then sleeps for an hour and then we do it all over again. He eats every 2 hours. So I get to sleep for an hour and then feed him again. It's ok because I love him.

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(just kidding)

He's darling though, and I still cant get over his hair!
He's a beautiful baby, if you lived closer I'd volunteer for babysitting duty!

Thanks for posting his pics, he's just too cute!

(oh, and I love the Ducky jammies too!)
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Josh sure has grown!
He is absolutely wonderful - before you know it, he will be begging for the car keys and chasing girls!
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I can't believe that it's been a month already either!

Josh is adorable!!
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He's adorable! Now you'll have to change your screen name to "Josh's Mommy".

Just wait, it gets better! At around 3-4 months he'll start to coo (if he hasn't already) and develop a real personality. I absolutely love babies, as long as they're someone elses.

Enjoy him while he's too young to ask for the car or money.

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Thanks for posting pics. I just love to see babies and hold them. They are so sweet and innocent when they are that little. I am just going to keep my memories, I am done with having kids
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I am done now too! I don't think I could handle another child.
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Both of your little ones are beautiful. I was never blessed with baabies, and I consider you very fortunate.
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What a little ! I can't wait to have a little one like this! He's so cute!

Why don't you make him a website with all the pictures and stories? There are lots of free sites for babies. Of course, you could always hire a pro www.hogsmead.com
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I never thought of that. I would hire someone but money is tight right now.
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Dear Nicole :angel2:

I can't believe it's already a month either! Wow, and he's huge! You can see he's so beautiful and what a healthy glow!!! Gosh, he's soooo gorgeous. His coloring just facinates me. God Bless You & Your Family girl! You sure are doing a great job being a Mom, it shows!

Love & Peace

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What a cutie! They grow too fast. Logan will be a month in a week. There should be a law about them growing too fast! Although now he's starting to become more interactive with us which is nice. He watches us so intently when we talk to him and he has started to coo at us too. It is enough to melt your heart.
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Oh, I hope you guys really soak this up now(Nicole, I know this is the last one). I can remember when I was so anxious for Kylee to talk. Now some days I wish she wouldn't..LOL. I still look at her 3 day old pictures and just melt. She is 7 now but I still remember when she was born like it was yesterday. The time just seems to fly by so fast.
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What a pretty baby. He is so soft and sweet looking. I agree with the others that you sould enjoy every moment with him. They grow up so fast. My niece is going on 3 and it seems like yesterday she was as little as Josh.
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Josh is such a cute baby!! How is he doing so far? Get some rest while you can! Can't wait to see more pictures of him as he grows.... looks like he will be a handsome boy as he grows up!
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what a sweety - gosh - babies are just like kittens you just want to take them all home, but realize that is unrealistic.
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