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Kitten Care Help For Me, THE NEWBIE

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ive pursuaded my mum to get me a kitten on the rule tht i keep m room tidy for a month! (not a bad deal since ive been begging for month?)
anyway ive been looking around sites and picking up on information but i cant help thinking that i have missed someting out so if anyone out of the kindness of tehir heart could help me by postng anything about cats that they may think ill find helpful it would be much appreciated
p.s i wnana make it an inside cat

(sorry for teh lack of puncuation but i dont really care )

the things id like tomnknow are
what ype of food to fgive them and sortf stuff
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I don't know how old you are, but perhaps your mum and you can make a trip to the RSPCA and talk to an advisor there. You can also pick up literature on how to properly care for a kitten. There are excellent books Kittens for Dummies is one of my top picks, by Dusty Rainbolt, and Amy Shojai's Complete Kitten Care. You can order both books off the Internet.

Depending on the age of the kitten you want to kitten proof your home, and the best way to do so is to go into each room lie down on the floor on your stomach and look around carefully. You want to plug any holes that kittens could get stuck under or behind, get all electrical cords out of the way as much as possible, put drapery cords up so the kitty can't get tangled and strangle. Remove any large bowls or buckets of standing water (if you have a large dog or some other pet that needs the water) and graduate down to a smaller size bowl. Make sure your toilet lid stays down unless the bathroom is in use.

Basic supplies are good quality kitten food, canned quality cat food, two litter pans, a scratching post or cat condo, a litter scoop, litter, you can purchase a bed, but usually that's a waste of money on a kitten. They generally want to sleep with someone because they are missing their littermates. Try to find an older kitten, at least 12 weeks old if possible that is still with the mom. Then you will not have a lot of adjustment time, and the kitten will hopefully be well-socialized. You don't want a kitty with pale gums (anemia probably flea bitten) no discharge from the nose or eyes. Also check the rear and be sure it is clean and well groomed. If not keep looking. Take the kitty to the vet immediately upon its arrival- and best of luck!
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try going to the whiskas and felix website (dont know them of the top of my head but you can do a google uk search) and send off for a free kitten care pack. they will send you all the info you need plus free kitten food.

make sure you give them kitten food and not adult. my kitten loves whiskas kitten food in gravy! and dont ever give them cows milk, it'll upset their tummies.
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I don't know how much help I can be, but I will try. Like it was said before kittens need kitten food, and eat more often than cats do. Premium foods are better than supermarket foods. Kittens will need a dish for food, fresh water, and after a while you might want to consider a cat tree, or condo. lots of toys. You need to consider brushing your kittens teeth now and hair so they get used to it early and clipping it's nails. If you want to walk your kitten outside you can get a leash, and collar. There is also flea medicine and hairball medicine to consider, and even another kitten for your kitten to play with. Good luck!
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Another good thing to do would be to pick out your vet and make a visit there, before you get your kitten. The vet can explain proper kitten care to you and your mom, as well as the responsibilities of an owner, including the financial responsibilities. And the vet may know of a kitten for you, too. You are going to have a great time with your new friend. Becky
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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