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messy backside

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My cat has recently developed a few new problems. She is making frequent trips to the litterbox, her stool is soft so it makes a mess on her backside because of her long fur, and now she has also started "scooting". Does anybody have any reasons for all this?? Is it worms or anal sacs or just long fur getting in the way?? Thanks for the help
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It could be that the hair needs to be clipped back there, long-haired cats often get hairs caught and it is annoying to them- she could also have worms or an anal sac problem-so for those a vet visit is warranted. I would run a fecal into your vet and have it tested. If it comes out negative then get her to the groomers, they will trim her hair and express her anal glands-
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I trim my long-haired cat's backside with a small pair of scissors every couple of months or so. I catch him when he's asleep so he doesn't even realize that I'm doing it.
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I did the same for my cat Tendresse. It really works well. She was very aggressive about it so I had to cut some hair little by little when she was passive or sleepy.
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