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Water Buddies

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Piccolo and Trish. The only two and I mean gthe only two
who will play with the water and watch you take a bath.
These two are the cuttest when they want the water tured on.
THey slap at it and aslap at it until they are soaked.
Trish came from the bathroom with her whole head soaked
from just a dribble of water and I thought they hated bathes.
Piccolo will drink your bath water(dont worry clean only no soap)
Trish will freak you out by just sitting there and looking at you.
Just those two will do that.
Bathroom visits will lead to them running to
the sink so you can turn it on.

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Meeko, Phineas and Henry all like water, too. Henry especially will lean right over and dip his paws in the tub and splash water around.
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How cute! I wish Char would like water. He hates it.
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mine sits on the edge and dip his paws in and licks the foamy water he likes to flick the water against that water curtain things because he thinks its funny making that noise. Infact because he fell in the bath i still laugh about it, not fully though just his bum and legs and he jumped out like crazy. But the other day he pooped on the bed/floor for no reason so i grabbed him and ran his bottom and tail under water and he didnt mind at all

He will always be in the bathroom when youre in there too and loves to sit at the sink when you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth
will even sit on your lap when youre on the toilet
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Princess also is obsessed with water. I don't think I've gone to the bathroom alone since I got her. She loves to watch the toliet flush. She would only drink water from a dripping faucet until I bought a fountain water bowl. She will also watch while I take a shower and as soon as I open the door she thinks she has to lick the water off the door. If I take a bath she will pound on the door until I open it then will splash or swat at the bubbles.

Patsy isn't as bad. She also thinks she has to lick the shower. She did hop in the bathtub when there was about an inch or 2 of water and just stood there and loved it. Her obsession is her food. If the bowls are less than completely full she has a fit. After I take her to the vet the first thing she does when she is let out of the carrier is check to make sure the food bowls didn't move. She was abused before I got her so I think that has something to do with it.
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I once had to give my cat a bath, because he had the runs after eating new food, it was bad, so my husband decided the only way to clean him was a bath.He was rewarded with a scratch about 2 inches long and deep. Now that they are older they do like to play with a running faucet but that is it. I wish they liked baths it would be fun to watch. cat.
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Mine likes to walk along the edge of the tub when I'm taking a bath, trying to drink the water. However I have to shoo her away, first because I'm scared she'll fall in, freak out, and claw me trying to jump out... and also because drinking soapy water can't be good.

Neat that your cats like to play with the water though!
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Bacardi used to lay on the top of the shower stall and stick her paw in the water and splash my face. I miss her
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Last summer when it was really hot, I carried Willow to the park up the street. They have a wading pool there. We walked by it (she was in her harness), and Willow decided to walk INTO it. She stood there for a while until I told her it was time to go. Then she walked across the pool (rather than turn around and step out), swam across the deep part, and walked out the other side! It was strange to see a cat swimming by choice.
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