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The Fly Whisperer

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Ok I don't know if your cat does this , but Hampster seems to enjoy talking to the flies on the wall before she attacks them. When I first heard her do that I thought she was crazy or just bord. Me and Robert finally came to thought of why she does think. When we call the cats to us or want one to come we sorta click our tongue to make that clicking noise or really it sounds like your sucking the air. Well WE think that Hampster trys to do that to the fly to get it to come to her. Wierd huh. lol

Oh we are not getting a ball python we descided on a corn snake and here are the 2 photos of the one's we are getting

Roberts 2 choices Bloodred or sun glow or sunglow 2
My Choices Candy corn or Reverse Okeetee
Corn snakes are no harm to cats so dont worry. All I can worry about is if the cats will eat them.

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well i cant help you because i still think you shouldnt get one.
so none
But the sunglow does look interesting but i wouldnt have it in my home.
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Well im really not concernd if the members or anyone else likes snakes or not. You guys don't like snakes and thats ok by me, but I love snakes and well I might as well try it out.No harm can come of it.

Most ppl hate snakes because they dont know much about em, they look creepy and well the Bible has Forever put EVIL across the snakes head. Well enough of the matter I didnt ask for lectures of snakes just showing off the beautiful colors they have.

Now If some one says I should get anouther cat then I will never take the advice. Too many cats right now or the fact they are getting too fat??? Hmm gotta wonder.

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well i dont go by the bilble although i am catholic.

If you were asking me about the colours i like the sunglow2.
but i dont get along with snakes.
I actually even throw up by seeing a live one.
I used to live in australia so i have seen many snakes. they arent my kind of animal, my main fear is that they are going to cling onto me and wrap their bodies on me and cut off my circulation.
i also dont like the feel of their bodies.

I would suggest you not to get any animals for the moment, I mean with all the cats and dogs you have dont you think it is a bit expensive feeding them all and then having an extra load of work by having a snake? Making sure its not going to bite anyone in the house and the pets and then being careful that the cats wont eat it?

This is just my opinion though.
Please be careful. especially everything you went through with your bf.
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Originally Posted by golden_moon_luv
Well im really not concernd if the members or anyone else likes snakes or not. You guys don't like snakes and thats ok by me, but I love snakes and well I might as well try it out.No harm can come of it.
I wouldn't say we don't like snakes... I'm personally not a fan but I'm sure there are some members on this board that like them.

And that's an interesting theory about Hampster talking to the flies.. I'll have to pay more attention to my cat! As far as I can tell, she just kills em, which is fine by me!
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Oh cool a corn snake we don't get them here but I have seen a doco on them there suposed to make good pet's congrats I hope you enjoy let us know how it goes ok
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That Candy Corn one has really cool markings. Personally I wouldn't have a snake as a pet but I respect your right to have one. Get the one that you like the best but I favor the Candy Corn one.
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Wow! Those are some wild looking snakes! I would say my two favorites are the Sunglow 2 and the reverse Ok. . .

My brother had a ball python when we were growing up. Just make sure the cages are secure. My brother one night came into my room. I was really p*ssed that he was waking me up. Then he said the words that woke me up faster than anything. "I can't find the snake"

I wouldn't be surprised if the cat was trying to "talk" the fly. It works when you do it to him, right? Cats are really smart!
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Well I belive she is either trying to relay a message to the out world through the fly or tryn to make it a pet, lol.

THe snake, you can just buy the male and female mice or rats and breed them. I have learnd a lot more about the snakes and well I dout rat food cost a lot compared to what those cats and dogs have been doing to me, lol. And the erlationship is going smoothly. Better than it has ever been before. We are getn married in Dec. so wish us luck. I bet once I get a job it will all go better with the animals.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv```THIS IS FUNNY```vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

I told Robert that if we had to get rid of one cat it would be Jasmin, since she never ever coms around to play or visit us un the living room or anywhere at that. Well Jasmin over heard and well guess what. She is now laying all over me and wanting love now, lol. So i guess she understood me. lol(it was all a joke though).

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i like the blood red and the sunglow 2 the best the candycorn one is pretty also.
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