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Guilty conscience - we rehomed Zsa Zsa on Boxing Day

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We tried for several months to get Jamie to accept Zsa Zsa, without success. We rehomed her last Sunday, and she was kept inside for an entire week. This is what I just discovered - she's outside one of our cellar windows, on her first day back outside. I really feel bad.

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Oh Tricia, I know you feel badly, but you did all you could to get her and Jamie Cat on the right track...he would just have none of it. I know my words don't help much, but keep in mind you did your best.
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It must make you feel really rotten having her want to come back in. Could the new owners keep her inside for longer? When we adopted a new kitty from the RSPCA, we were told not to let him out for SIX weeks.
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Tricia that must be heartbreaking seeing her like that

I'm too soft because i'd be bringing her back in
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Tricia, I have not had your experience and don't know what to add except that I'm here and support you and it must be very hard. Like Susan, I am a complete marshmallow and don't have some of your skills of objectivity and fortitude to do what's best.
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She came back again today. I went out and pet her, and then took her to her new home. It's just two doors down, so I don't know if keeping her indoors longer would make a difference. Her old home is catercorner to us, and she's not making any attempt to go back there. The worst part is, Jamie seems to miss her - he keeps looking in the guest room for her, and sniffing at the cat flap (locked) in the door to our laundry room. She's still getting antibiotics for the bites he gave her, so I really know I can't let her back in here, other than in the laundry room. I'm keeping the cat flap in the window there locked right now, to try to force her to stay with Mrs. R., whose cat is making no objections to Zsa Zsa being there (they know each other from outdoor encounters, and Putzi is great with other cats). I do feel guilty, though.
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I know nothing I can say can help ease the guilt you feel.

But from the sounds of things, Zsa Zsa has been welcomed in her new home. Being an indoor/outdoor cat it is inevitable that she'll come by for a visit. She had a good thing at your place even if Jamie was displeased about it and vented it on her.

However, she does have somewhere warm and safe to stay in her new home. Give it time and let Zsa Zsa bond with Mrs R. a little more.
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