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you know you love cats when...........

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you feed your cat by hand. My Zeus is a very , very picky eater when it comes to food. Sometimes we have given him dry food by hand. I have been having a hard time with wet food, and decided on my last shot Innova canned food, Zeus only sniffed at in during feeding time, so I picked up some in my hand , and he ate some out of my hand. What we cat lovers do for our cats. lol.
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Mine will not eat off the floor untill he has seen it been clean and an hour later he refuses to eat off it!!
He too only eats treats out of my hand.
And he will only eat dry food out of his bowl.
We had a hard time because he wouldnt drink water out of his bowl only out of my cup but now he does both
he still prefers the cup though.
and with the wet food i have that problem also this is why he will only eat half out of the bowl
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Sierra also enjoys eating from a spoon!
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My Princess is anorexic so I will do ANYTHING I have to to get her to eat. When she was a kitten (she almost died and just got home from the hospital after being there a week) I got up every 2 hours to feed her. I've done so many different things to get her to eat. Anything from warming up her wet food, feeding her dry food piece by piece, sitting on the floor petting her while she eats, and feeding her baby food (reccommended by her vet). You name it I've probably tried it.

After she was spayed I even slept on the floor with her because she couldn't jump on my bed. It was either that or listen to her scream. I know I could of just lifted her up but I was afraid she would jump down in the middle of the night without me knowing and hurt herself. The next morning I made a ramp up to the bed so she could get up and down by herself.

Stacey, Princess, Patsy, George, Sweetie and Blackie
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Well, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one...(blushes) I have also dipped my finger in his water bowl to encourage him to drink ......
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WOW, all of you are like me! We are all cool, ans I think it shows what great people we are.
dawnofsierra, does siera have her own special spoon?

I let my cats sleep wherever they want in the bed, and I sleep where they are not. I will even move from bed to bed in the house rather than make them change positions. When I am gone from home, I call them and leave messages on the answering machine.
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