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Simon destroys TP!

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Hello all! My cat Simon loves to destroy toilet paper, paper towels, etc. and I don't know how to make him stop. I've tried keeping the bathroom door shut. He also will not stop jumping on kitchen table and counters. I've been around many other cats and they do not jump that much- does anyone have a suggestion as to how to make him stop?! Thanks, Mandy
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Simon sounds like he's bored. Does he have any toys to play with?

I've heard of folks having success with putting tin foil on the counters and tables where kitty is not welcome - give that a try.

Others like to make rattly things, like a can with a few pennies in it. When kitty jumps up and hits the can, it makes enough noise to scare your cat from repeating jumping - at least at that location.

Good luck; keep us posted!
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I don't know an answer to the toilet paper problem. Maybe if you put it away in a nearby cupboard for a few weeks he will forget about it. There used to be plastic covers you could buy just for that reason in the backs of cat magazines, but I haven't seen one for awhile. You might do a search online and see if anyone is selling something like that. It is amazing how much mess one kitty plus one roll of TP can make. Becky
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I wonder if you balance a small paper cup with pennies or marbles in it on the top of the toilet paper so that if he turns the roll, down come the pennies and make scary noise, if that would deter him. Becky
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You can go here and order a product that you can put on your toilet roll holder to stop this

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I don't have any magic answers for you but I do know the toilet paper problem. My very big boy Wallace LOVES toilet paper and paper towels and can destroy a roll in seconds. If it didn't cost so much, I'd give him one just for the heck of it....it is so very funny to watch. If it's on the roll his big paws unroll it and shred it to bits in a matter of seconds. If it's not on the roll he rolls all over it, biting and bunny kicking it until there is nothing left to the roll. We don't put it on the roll anymore, I gave up. We just set it behind the toilet and that does work, he doesn't bother it there. However, if someone forgets to put it back there, it's "Bye! Bye!" toilet paper! I cannot count the number of times that I've come home and the hallway and bathroom is just covered with "white confetti." All I can do is smile. I just hope he doesn't teach my new 5 month old kitten his "naughty ways." Good luck.
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Your post, even though I can sense your frustration, brought back a very fond memory of a very special little girl I had for a very long time ... now she's at The Bridge, but she was a paper-freak. Loved TP and paper towels, "helped" me wrap each and every gift ever leaving my home, and especially liked to shred the Sunday newspaper before I could read my favorite comics and horoscope. I could not count the times I would come in from work and find my entire apartment had been "rolled". At least she didn't also have an affinity for egging my place too! LOL

While my response to you is of absolutely no assistance, I did want to say thank you for allowing me to smile instead of be very sad when I think of this girl.

From one paper-shredded Meowmy to another,

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Dushka adores tearing up all kinds of paper but toilet paper is her special favourite. It is difficult as I have two litter boxes in the bathroom so have to keep the door open. She forgets for a few weeks then I come home to shreds. She also gets onto the counter and attacks the paper towel roll from time to time. At least it is better than tearing up all my files, which she did once. Thank goodness I had them backed up on the computer.
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I have a toilet paper shredder too -- Go Go. I found that by just leaving it off the roller and putting it on the counter next to the sink, she leaves it alone. Sometimes a kindly guest will put it where it belongs and if Go Go finds it before I do it's gone!

Maybe it's because the kitty litter box is just under the roll? She seems to think she can cover the poop by rolling it down!
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