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new Memeber from ireland!!

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hello everyone. I am a new memer from ireland hoping to interact with cat lovers the world over. I am just nutty about my cat and want to share that with people just as mad.
Molly is my cat, she is 2 years old and so beautiful. she is blue in colour with big yellow eyes. She has the most amazing personalty and i never get sick of looking at her, the way her mood swings go etc etc..she is so regal..she has the look of a russian blue although she is not one and she has that regal personalty to match. She is like a ballet dancer the way she moves about the place. ..will be interested in hearing from people as mad as me..hehe
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I have a kitten on my laptop... hope I can finish this message properly

Welcome! Ireland sounds like a wonderful place! Where in Ireland do you live?

I hope you enjoy your stay here!
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If you are mad about your cat, you have found the right place to hang out. TCS is very addictive - so you might as well add it to your favorites right now!

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Welcome to The Cat Site!! I hope to see you posting here often!!

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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Welcome to the cat site!!!

I'm sure you will enjoy it here!
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Where in Ireland are you located? My son toured Great Britain last summer. BTW, welcome.
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Welcome! My Grandfather was from Ireland. I loved his Irish accent and the stories he used to tell us. We have beautiful pictures of Ireland and the green country side.
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Welcome to the Site So nice to see you hear, I can almost hear that beautiful Irish accent ...Well, it looks like you came to the right place! I can honestly say we are all crazy about our cats, dogs, bunnies, etc..etc...

Molly sounds simply gorgeous Any pics??? Post 'em on up here! :laughing2 (that was a South Florida accent)

Love & Peace,
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Welcome to the site and hope you will post often.
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A big Aussie welcome from down under .

Yet another cat lover party time

Hugs and cheers

Tish and furballs Mish,Roxy-babe and Monty
Oooops and the human family too (mmm.. Have to stop forgetting about them)
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