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Reintroduction issues after sickness

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Long story short. My five year old kitty, Max, and I lost our best kitty friend, Ike, to congestive heart failure in September. I was very worried about Max being lonely, and also getting too used to being an "only", as he'd had issues being introduced as a wild one year old, though he came around wonderfully.

So, in October, I find four month old kitten at the Humane Society. Odell. Odell comes to live with us, and I take the intro slowly, following all proper protocol. Odell and Max become play buddies, even sharing the "sun" chair and cleaning each other.

Off and on through November, Max has a URI, and they had to be separated for short bits of time, but were fine back together. Two days before Christmas, Max was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection, a fever of 105, and of course, I separated them again (not to mention the extreme worry that Max was going to make it...)

it's New Years day. Max is better, eating, and coming out from his hidey spots. however, now that I'm letting Odell see him again and come around, Max hisses and growls like he NEVER has before.

I have friends who just let their cats work it out, but maybe I should give max more recovery time? He has never growled at Odell like he is now. Odell, of course, is quite frisky, and always coming at him...

More along time and a slower reintro?

Melissa, Max and Odell
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Hey Melissa,
I responded to your other message in the "Help" thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40216 so I won't repeat here, but yes, sounds like more time and a slower intro is indicated here.

Best of luck,

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My two cats, Simon and Max, grew up together. Last year, Simon had a urinary blockage and was in the vet for over a week. When he came home, Max would not go near him. From this board, I was told to put a little vanilla extract under each cat's chin and on their back where it meets the tail. It worked for me and within a few days they were best buddies again! It might be worth a try. (You have to make everyone smell the same, and the vanilla does that!)
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My long story short is that we had some trauma here between my two kitties. The vanilla trick worked wonders, as did lots of patience and love! We're back to being one happy family again
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Before introducing any cats to one another, it is vital that all cats are 100% healthy.

Cats are excellent in picking up the smell of another cat that is not 100% healthy. And often the reaction is to hiss, growl and in some cases lash out at the unhealthy cat.

I would not re-introduce your cats until Max is 100% recovered. I couldn't determine whether he had recovered from your post.

Introductions can be stressful for everyone concerned. It can be a long process that requires patience. Cats are territorial by nature and it are not the easiest to convince to share a territory with other cats, let alone sick cats.

As for Max hissing and growling at Odell. Well from his point of view ever since Odell came on the scene, he got sick, then had to go to the vet of all places and then isolated in his home. Odell has been the only significant change in his life and Max could see his misfortunes as Odell's fault.

Also some sick cats are hostile towards healthy cats in an effort to ward them off and hide their condition.

Long story short.
1) Give Max plenty of time to recover from URI and keep him separated from Odell. URI is infectious. Better one vet bill than two.
2) Then slowly re-introduce the cats as if they have never met before.
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thanks everybody. i am going to give Max some more time. Poor thing, first he lost his best buddy, then he gets this new spring chicken kitty (Odell, who is a LOVE, don't get me wrong) sprung on him, he gets sick...I don't blame him.

Plus, Odell is lined up to get his lil kitty neuter in the next week, and I don't know if that has anything to do with his occasional agressive bursts, but maybe he'll chill a tiny bit after that.

I'll report in on the progress.... (when there IS some)

Melissa, Max and Odell
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The neuter may help with the occasional aggressive bursts.

Though with my three I found that they all went through this, (2 boys and 1 girl).

I encouraged them to vent it out on a stuffed toy that I bought that was suitable for babies and a well padded oven mitt.
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