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How was your New Years??

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Happy New Year to everyone!

I truly hope that you all had a better night than I did... My New Year and my Birthday were a total disaster... First, my 'friend' (I say that because we spend every day together yet, we're not dating)... anyway, my 'friend' and I were supposed to go to my sisters to celebrate the New Year and my bday but at the last minute he had to cancel because he had to work... I completely understood his obligation to go to work but I was still very disappointed and it set the tone for the rest of the night... However, I decided to go to my sisters anyway because it wouldnt have been fair to cancel after she went through all the trouble to make my bday special... I left her house at 1:30am and made it down to the Club that he works at by 3:00am with his 2 best friends... (OH, before I continue I just find it necessary to mention that I actually rang in the new year sitting on the couch by myself talking to my other best friend on the phone)... anyway, my 'friend' was obviously working but unfortunately he wasnt able to spend time with me the way he normally would be at work... So, I stood around and brooded... anyway, around 6am I decided to take his friends home, run home and change and meet him back at the club so we could eventually get breakfast together.... There's where all the fun started... ON the way to drive them home, I slammed my car into a curb, really Hard!... and you can just imagine the series of events after that... which involved waiting 2 hours for the Repair Shop to open so someone could change my tire... Eventually, I did make it back to the club and met up with my 'friend' for breakfast.. .I just drove him home, it's 11am and I still havent gone to sleep yet...

But I guess I should look at the bright side... I'm still alive... I guess that's a bright side... I realize that we all have our hardships but do you sometimes feel like the world is just $hitting on you!??? because that's how I've felt all year... that's why I hope and pray that 2005 is a better year for all! Now, I'm going to sleep... I'll be back later... g'night
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I'm so sorry. We all have days like that, you know? I'm not exacty "Mary Sunshine" but I do stop and think when I'm feeling down about all good things to be thankful for especially now when there are so many people in Asia suffering. I know trying to find that silver lining can be really hard somedays There's always someone here to listen to you vent.
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My party animal days are over, Both Mike and I were in bed asleep at 9:00 p.m. Woke up briefly at midnight when the fireworks went off, but didn't even get up to check on the horses. This morning both the horses are fine, the fences still intact, Mike is doing better and all is right in my world. I just wish I could do something for all the intense suffering of the tsunami victims they ran a special on it this morning and the devastation just silences me.
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So sorry your night wasn't what you'd hoped it to be But your right you are alive and thats the way i always think if i start to feel a bit down and i soon snap out of it.
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Sorry to hear your new year didn't go as planned ((hugs))

I went to a friends house, she has just moved up here from London too...didn't really feel like it, but thought i'd make the effort. Alan cat sat hehe, me and kel went and I must say i'm glad I did, I had a really wonderful time! I don't really drink as I did as a youngster, but I was merry as hell, we danced and laughed it was a fantastic night.
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I was alone with my kits, but feeling content and going over the last year in my mind. In some ways it was a terrible year - I left my job after a lot of rows, I broke my arm, I had my wallet stolen with a lot of money in it, and then of course the end of the year was marked by a terrible two weeks of worry over Persil's life-and-death situation. But there were good things too - I got my MA thesis accepted, I made some new friends, I joined TCS (which has been a life-saver for me) and then Persil was able to have life-saving surgery. And I got a new job in October that I really like although the salary is laughable.

So we sat all curled up together on the sofa and purred the night away and I felt on balance that life is good and will get better still.
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Sorry to hear that it didn't turn out quite right
Oh and did you have the tire people check for more extensive damage? Like on you tierod ends, cv assembly, rim etc. I did the same to my probe, and it cost a lot more than just a tire.

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Mine was exactly what I expected -- by most standards, unspectacular, but by ours, very pleasant.

Sorry to hear you didn't have a good New Year. Think of it this way: maybe you were just getting rid of the remnant of negative stuff from 2004, on your way to a great 2005. Hope so!
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Awww sorry you didn't have a good night. The same thing happened to me this past summer. Some stupid lady slammed on her brakes at an intersection (no stop sign, no blinker) and my choice was either hit the curb or hit her. My friend and I put on the spare, got my tire changed, and I went home. I couldn't help but smirk when we were trying to get my tire off when I saw a cop go after that lady! LOL

Last night Scott (my boyfriend) and I watched a few movies, and were watching the Simpsons on DVD at midnight. Summer cuddled up with us. We all went to bed before 1 am.

I'm glad 2004 is over. I learned a lot about other people, and what true friendship is. 2005 will be interesting. Scott and I graduate in May and then we have to find jobs and figure out what we are going to do.

I regret all of you not getting to know me, as well as me getting to know some of you. You all seem like such great people...I just don't know where a college girl like me could fit in to it all....
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Very sorry that you started your year out on the wrong foot, but look on the bright least your weren't in severe pain at midnight like I was. My gremlin is making a really big fuss today...*sigh* another year of pain
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Mine was better than expected. My husband was scheduled to work the late shift at the hospital, but ended up working the late shift and the night shift, because a colleague lost her son (in Thailand), and most probably her daughter-in-law and grandsons. I had figured that Jamie and I would "celebrate" on our own, but my German niece (11) and nephew (16) decided they'd see in the New Year here (they're very considerate kids). We watched Chinese movies (5!) on DVD and video, and goofed around, playing bingo and making popcorn. I held out till 1:30 a.m., but the kids stayed up till shortly before 5:00 a.m.. I made lasagna for dinner today, which was a hit, if not exactly a "traditional" New Year's dinner in Germany, though I managed to slit my finger on the metal pan (forgot it was sharp), and still haven't got it to stop bleeding completely. I'll probably have to go get it stitched tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Think of it this way: maybe you were just getting rid of the remnant of negative stuff from 2004, on your way to a great 2005. Hope so!
I am hoping and praying that's what it is... Believe me, 2004 has been just a horrible year... One thing after another... I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years early in the year... I spent months involved with a guy who treated me like garbage... I worked at Stop & Shop and was completely miserable ultimately quitting because the pay is horrible, the atmosphere is even worse, and I couldnt take any more migraine headaches... My car has caused me more grief than anything else because every month it's something else.. which is really aggravating because it's fairly new... like sophie said "I'm glad 2004 is over. I learned a lot about other people, and what true friendship is. 2005 will be interesting. " I also learned a lot about friendship and people... I have to say the one good thing that happened to me was finding my 'friend' Adrian... He has been wonderful to me and I love him more than I ever possibly thought that I could... but, even that relationship has been ridden with heartache.... My father kicked me out of my house because of him.... but that's a long story (One that I am willing to tell if you're willing to listen and give me your opinion)...

But anyway, as much as I've had trouble this year... I do count my blessings because I know that there are soo many people out there that have it a lot worse than I do... and my heart goes out to them!

Oh! One good thing that happened this year was my Malakai... I love him with all my heart... He's doing better since his surgery, BTW!!
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If it makes you feel better, mine started pretty bad. I cried. I was playing a game with a friend, at her friend's party. 'Curses' its called. Its funny, where you get a curse, and have to use it through the whole game. Like- Batting an imaginary swarm of insects whenever you speak. Then her friend joined the game. I hate that girl! She kept poking me, yelling, screaming, and just being a pest whenever it was my turn. I got upset and left. (I am SO moody sometimes ) I went to the bathroom to let off some steam and saw a very INAPPROPRITE(sp?), RUDE, NASTY, not to mention GROSS message with my name on it wrriten on the mirror with MY LIPSTICK! SHE TOOK IT! I sort of acted out of hand from there. Anyways.....

So, don't feel you're the only one.
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Sierra and I brought in the New Year together. We snuggled and loved, with a special bonito treat for her and 12 grapes for me!
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welll... we went outisde to watch the fireworks and then we got invited to a small party that..... sucked! then we came home i browsed on here and i went to bed. That was my new years

Ohh you can tell me about the story if you want.
Im willing to read and give you some opinion
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My New Years?

Spent feverish and sick as a dog in bed, coughing and sniffling and sneezing, not sleeping, cold and sweaty hot by turns. I kept telling myself that Peppermint Schnapps is not the "clear liquid" mentioned in another thread. Once I did fall asleep, I woke many times, freezing cold or boiling hot. The fever didn't break at all until this morning, and this afternoon it feels like it's back.

I haven't eaten a real meal since Tuesday, just nibbles. As a consequence, I am very weak and blown out. I'm not hungry, but I know I've got to eat something soon, or it's going to be a serious problem.

But know what? While '04 was a challenge, I learned so much about things. And I look forward to '05, where I can put into practice that which I learned: what a friend is and is not, what a good job is and is not, what a good teacher is and is not, and how to just sit back and enjoy the little things.

Best to all in '05!

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I'm sorry you were sick, Michele. That's miserable no matter what day it is.
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Originally Posted by captiva
I'm sorry you were sick, Michele. That's miserable no matter what day it is.

If this isn't better by Monday, I will be calling my Dr. I have to teach Monday morning (all morning), but my Dr.s a good guy, and I know he'll try to get me in either before work or after noon.

I hate being ill. I don't get like this often at all. But man boy howdy, it's got me this time.

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I Wasnt quite in a New Yearsey type of mood last night. I took a hot bath, cuddled in nice satin pj's, and watched the marathon of "Law and Order SVU's", This is currently my fave show. I am very sorry that your new years didnt go as expected. I am thankful for so many things this year. And sorrowful for may also. Hope next yr is better!!!
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Mine wasn't so hot, either. I spent it home alone. Bill went to Phoenix and spent the night at his sister's. My niece was supposed to dog-sit but, she bailed, at the last minute and I couldn't leave Ike and Pearl home alone.

Poured myself a large Jack & Coke and decided to feel sorry for myself. The drink didn't taste good, though and I poured most of it down the sink. I read, watched TV, played computer games and poped in here. Buddy and I were in bed, by 9:30.

Everybody let me sleep, this morning - til 6:30! After breakfast, I went to the Casino del Sol. Got home, this evening, $500.00 richer! Bill was home and already asleep, when I got in.

Next year, I think that I'll go spend New Year's with Katey. I can take the dogs with me, to Tombstone.
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Aw I'm sorry to those of you had a lousy New Year's... don't let it get you down, it is NOT an indication of things to come.

Mine... I stayed at home with my boyfriend and cat. Sounds lame but in all honesty, I loved - we had champagne at midnight, walked around outside at watched the fireworks from the distance and didn't have to battle traffic or any crowds.

Happy 2005 guys!
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I stopped celebrating a year ago - my fist New Years Eve without my wonderful Poodle Schatzi! Last night I was in bed by 11pm BUT I was waked at midnight but what was probably a gunshot! NOW I understand in my city they shoot guns off at midnight on the 31st! I tell you it scared the HECK out of me! My CATS, however were happily sleeping!

I feel sorry for all the people who were trying to sleep when I used to go out and bang pots and pans! LOL!
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I have been sick in bed most of the day.
I didn't think I drank that much more than I usually do but my body/head is telling me different.
I had 3 friends over and we all were pretty loaded, including Jeff.
They left around 4:30am and left 2 cars behind that they picked up today.
We had a good time, we sat on the front porch the majority of the night talking and laughing.
I just wish this awful feeling would go away!
The headache has subsided some, but I completely feel like I was hit by a truck!
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