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captured stray/feral still swipes

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I trapped my cat Kitty about a month ago. He seems very happy to be inside. He comes to me when i walk in the room but still swats his paw at me and then just sits there and appears happy. I say no when he does it then good. My question is why does he do it??? Is he protecting himself?? Any ideas on how to train him to stop it. Still have yet to really pet him.
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I can't help you with the swatting, but it's only been a month. I bet it's just going to take some more time.
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Yes, I agree with Chris - it's probably still very new to your feral/stray. Adelaide has been inside 6 weeks and will accept a fuss of her back - but not if she's approached from the front- then she would swipe too. Your kitty is still learning to trust - you've done really well that he comes to you when you go into the room. Just give him a bit of time.

You're obviously doing a wonderful job though - he must feel happy and safe to approach you. Thank you for caring for this cat.
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I have 1 in a group of 10 that hissed and swatted so loud it would scare anyone, now its been about 2 or so months being in the enclouser she's finally not all that bad, when I would go in to sweep she would actually swat the broom so hard, and I would just stick it in the carrier a little bit and let her know that it was not going to hurt her, she doesn't swat it anymore, plus I still have some that take off when I go in, so yes it takes lots of time, but there all getting better, all the trips to the vet and other things also may take them longer. Plus they all knew me from feeding them in the parking lot for over 3 months, and they are still very careful how much they trust.
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I had the same situation with a feral kitten that I had trapped. She shied away from being touched, but would approach me and swipe at me, even though she purred furiously if I was in the room. I posted for help, and Hissy gave me advice that worked wonderfully. She told me that the kitten, named Buttercup, was just letting me know that she comes "armed", and it's just a warning. The advice was to ignore her as I went about my business, changing water, feeding, etc. I would sit in the room where I kept her and her brother (who was eager for petting, and I did so), keep talking, or read a book aloud. Avoid eye contact, and don't try to initiate contact with the cat. I had been doing this anyway, so I kept it up. Within a week she "turned the corner", and eventually "head bumped" me, and from that moment on was a true believer in being pet. She's been in her new home since just before Thanksgiving, and her new mommy reports that Buttercup is the most loving of all of her cats, follows her everywhere, and when she sits, Buttercup is on her lap in a skinny minute. Give your kitty more time, he's getting there. It took over a month for Buttercup to trust me. Good luck, and thanks for taking this kitty in!
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It's been 10 months, and Pengy still swipes, hisses, and flees from me. We're making progress, but it's still very delicate.

Consider yourself lucky.

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